If Wishes Had Wheels

Local Car Specialists Choose Models They Would Put Under the Tree of That Special Someone

We all wish for things during the holidays and some of our wishes have wheels!

If you fall into this category, you would feel like a kid in a candy store at Kempthorn Motors. They offer quite a few luxury brands that could send goosebumps down any car lover’s arm. The question is, which cars would the fine folks at Kempthorn put under the tree for that special someone? Luckily, a few of their top sales associates were more than happy to indulge our curiosity and let our readers in on the fun.

Emily Schneider, Canton native and sales consultant for Jaguar and Land Rover, chose the 2022 Range Rover Sport HST. She did not stop at just the model though. She got very specific. “This SUV must have a Fuji White exterior, an Ebony interior and 22-inch Gloss Black wheels,” she says. This combination takes the already high-end appearance to the next level.

Not only is this a visually stunning chariot, but it is a powerful one as well. Hiding under the hood is a smooth-running inline-six, boasting 396hp. With all those horses galloping under the hood, this Range Rover is capable of reaching 60mph in just six seconds. It sounds like the perfect combination of beauty and brawn.

We have talked about its appearance and power, but what about the interior? After all, that is where the recipient of this amazing gift would spend most of their time. “The interior is fitted with the highest quality leather and carbon fiber trim finish for an upscale feel,” says Emily.

It is pretty and powerful, but is it practical? As Emily explains, “It is great as an around-town kid-mobile with a giant trunk and optional third-row seating. Or you can ditch the kids and go out on the town with adults only!”

The Range Rover Sport HST definitely seems like it checks all the boxes for a gift that would make wishes come true. The only question is, does this vehicle belong on the nice list or is it naughty? “When you sit in the large leather seat with 4-way adjustable lumbar you might say, "Oh, this is nice." But when you start it up and hear that engine, you will think to yourself, "This is totally naughty," says Emily.

For more information, call Emily at 330.546.9300.

If a Range Rover Sport is the benchmark for style and performance, Volvo is the benchmark for safety. That is one of the reasons why Roger Kyriacou, sales consultant at Kempthorn Volvo, would give a 2022 Volvo XC60 to that special someone. “The XC60 is the perfect vehicle to me because of its design, safety, technology, comfort, size and environmental friendliness,” says Roger.

“The XC60, in my opinion, is a beautifully designed vehicle. The Thor Hammer daytime running lights and its rear taillights that go down from the back and wrap around the hips of the car, give it that distinctive Volvo look,” he continues.

Roger is also a sales consultant for Porsche, so why would he choose a Volvo to make someone’s wishes come true? Maybe because he doesn’t have one special someone. He has two whom he cares for deeply. “Well, the most valuable people in my life are my wife and daughter. I want to be absolutely confident they are as safe as possible when they are on the road. Volvo is the best car to carry my precious cargo, period,” says Roger.

As such, his answer to whether or not the Volvo XC60 is naughty or nice should be pretty straightforward, but not so fast. “The XC60 falls in the nice category, but can easily become naughty if it has the B6 engine and is Polestar Optimized,“ Roger clarifies. The Polestar Optimized B6 is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an added supercharger and a set of electric motors for more oomph. With over 400hp at its disposal, the XC60 can be just about as naughty as you like.

With all that safety, style and performance, it is easy to see why the Volvo XC60 would be the obvious choice for his family. If you would like to learn more about this vehicle or any other vehicle in the Volvo lineup, don’t hesitate to give Roger a call at 330.580.4948. He has been involved in the automotive industry since 2006 and was recently awarded the distinguished Volvo Sales Excellence Award, for excellence in Sales and Customer Experience.

So far, our holiday dream car road trip has taken us to England and Sweden. Now let’s take a trip to Germany for our third and final “If Wishes had Wheels” entry.

Bob Novak, Sales Consultant for Kempthorn Mazda and Volkswagen, chose a sporty model with a go-kart-like playfulness. “If I could make someone’s wishes come true, I would give them a new 2022 Volkswagen Golf R with a manual transmission this Christmas,” says Bob.

Stick shifts are not for everyone though, so could there be an ulterior motive for giving someone a car with a manual transmission? “I would give this car to my wife and hope she didn’t learn how to drive a stick. Then I could have it all to myself. Yes, that is a selfish wish on my part, but sometimes you have to spoil yourself,” he explains. Looks like Bob is going to be on the naughty list this year.

Speaking of naughty, would the VW Golf R be on that list or would it be nice? “With 315hp, you could be as naughty as you want and do it fast. It handles the road as if on rails, while still providing a comfortable ride,” says Bob. “It’s not all naughty though. Every year the Golf is rated as one of the best hatchbacks, if not the best,” he continues.

Other than Bob, the target market for this vehicle is somewhat niche. “To me, this car is perfect for the sophisticated 'tuner;' the person who gets power when they want it, but not in a childish vehicle; the person who likes a vehicle that hugs the road with great manners without feeling like they are driving an old truck; this person truly enjoys driving,” says Bob.

If you are in the market for a fun, sporty hatchback, be sure to give Bob a call at 330.353.2255. Just be cautious if he starts recommending manual transmissions!

That wraps up our rundown of cars that Kempthorn’s top consultants would put under the tree for that special someone this Christmas. We got a sneak peek at a luxurious and powerful Range Rover, a stylish and safe Volvo and a fun and sporty Volkswagen. As you read this article, you probably asked yourself which vehicle you would give or receive. If it happens to be a brand Kempthorn offers, stop in and take a look. You will be in great hands.

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