A Passion for Fashion

Elizabeth Amireh channels a labor of love to help women feel and look their best

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

Photography by Terry Fravel

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

Hard work, determination and a passion for empowering women has helped Elizabeth Amireh share her love of fashion with women across the country. From the avenues of Dallas, Texas to the village of Hartville, Ohio, she has found herself and her fashions from Vita Boutique on runways and in the lives of people around her.

“We all have gifts we were born with,” says Elizabeth. “After working in fashion for so long, I‘ve come to realize my gift is my eye.”

Her eye for the latest trends, along with a commitment to choose only quality and comfortable fabrics, has built Elizabeth quite a following of “Vita Girls.” Just where did this passionate fashionista get her start?

As a teen in the 1980s, Elizabeth’s retail career began while a senior at GlenOak High School. She attended school half of the day and worked the other half at O’Neil’s Department Store in Canton. Her time on the sales floor would become a springboard to future buying trips to New York City and owning her own business.

Elizabeth graduated with a marketing degree from Kent State University in 1984, then moved to Dallas. “I grew into my career. I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned from them,” she recalls.

As a young professional, Elizabeth worked in outside sales roles, but the draw of fashion led her to work for Dallas-based corporate retail store locations. It wasn’t long before she determined the corporate world was only a stop on her path.

Elizabeth left the confines of corporate-owned brick and mortar to become co-owner of a women’s boutique and clothing store which catered to “younger customers who appreciated rock-and-roll style apparel and Dr. Martens footwear.” 

After a decade of owning the business, a series of life events brought her back to North Canton. In 2014 her world was upended when her mother passed away. Then, just two months later, Elizabeth faced her own health battle.

“My mom had ovarian cancer, and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she explains. “It was a difficult time.” Elizabeth gives credit to the amazing people who work for her for keeping things going while she underwent 17 rounds of chemotherapy.

Her styles have been featured in many popular fashion shows and private events, but her personal experience with cancer led her to the Aultman Women’s Board Fashion Show, the one she holds dear.  

“I am a cancer survivor, and my doctor, Dr. Shruti Trehan, saved my life. She is my angel here on earth,” Elizabeth proclaims. She hopes to join the Women’s Board one day to give back.

In the meantime, she will continue to support and encourage women. “I’m not a doctor or a nurse, but I am helping women – empowering them and giving them confidence.  Clothing can be a part of that,” Elizabeth says.

She couldn’t predict the events of her life that would lead her where she is today, but the entrepreneur is grateful and feels very blessed.

“I had a vision and stuck to it. I watched what other successful businesses did, and I learned from them but stayed true to my own individuality,” she says. Elizabeth thinks it’s important to be unique and be a leader.  

“I didn’t follow this career path because of the money. I followed it because it’s what I love.”

Vita Boutique is located on the 2nd floor of the Hartville Marketplace at 1289 Edison St. NW, Hartville, OH 44632. For more details, visit VitaBoutique.com.

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