Enjoy The Greatest Years of Your Life

Are you tired? Are your hot flashes out of control? Are you grumpy over nothing at all? Are you experiencing little to no sex drive? Or unexplained weight gain that you can’t take off? You are not alone; Balance of Life Clinic can help! 

We are an integrative functional medical clinic in Medina that addresses many avenues of health, one of which deals specifically with mature adult hormone issues using Bio-Identical hormone replacement.

We have found that men and women alike are suffering from the symptoms that go along with lower hormone levels. We track these levels with routine bloodwork, and the hormones we prescribe are compounded from substances that are closer to the hormones that our bodies used to produce than the synthetic ones made by the drug companies.

This all began years ago when, our lead doctor, Dr. Clifford Sonnie, wanted to find a better way to treat a lot of the issues plaguing the people he was seeing. Traditional medicine just threw a band-aid on the symptom and set you on your way. If another problem popped up, then another band-aid was applied. At Balance of Life Clinic, we aim to understand the underlying reason for the symptom before any treatment is applied. It just seems like the right thing to do. 

Sometimes we find that people have a toxic amount of heavy metals in their system that can be interfering with their hormone functions. So we do a detox called chelation before we treat the hormone issues. It eliminates the heavy metals from the body, so the entire body can function better. We have a lot more information about these issues on our website at BalanceOfLifeClinic.com. Please take a look, because a better functioning body is the key to growing older gracefully!

Learn more about us and make an appointment by calling 330-764-4242. Remember, these are the greatest years of your life! They should be enjoyable, not something you and your family have to suffer through.

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