5 Steps to Pillow-Scape Like the Pros

Article by Annabel Joy and Jen Dulac

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It seems so simple, yet pillow-scaping can make or break a room and has sent many a homeowner spiraling into madness. Lucky for you, we’ve put together some time tested guidelines to make this process manageable and even fun!

1. Stick to a Color Palette

We recommend sticking to no more than three colors (although feel free to include multiple shades within each color). This rule applies to pillows and to overall room designs and keeps things from feeling too busy. But how to pick those colors? Pull them from the existing room. This is not the time to start adding crazy pops of color that don’t already exist in the space. You want the room to feel cohesive and the pillows should complement what already exists. If you’ve got a neutral rug for a base, you can really pull any three colors from the room, but if you have a colorful rug like a vintage Persian, you should choose one or two accent colors from the rug and pair them with one or two neutrals.

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2. Use Different Textures

Different textures and fabrics add interest and depth. 

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3. Play with Scale

Mix small and large scale patterns to keep things dynamic.

4. Clash your Patterns

But make sure there’s a common color palette tying it all together.

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5. Mix Different Shapes + Dimensions

Try a pair or trio of squares, with one lumbar in the middle or even some round or spherical pillows to add some whimsy to a sofa. If you stick to vintage pillows, you’ll end up with lots of different sizes without really trying. Just remember—there are no hard and fast rules! Play around until you land on something you like and don’t forget to have fun!

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To learn how to make the exact pillow-scape above, read Bed Styling 101 for 10 simple steps to a beautiful bed.

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