A Time To Give

Stark Community Foundation Is the Best Way To Maximize the Impact of Your Charitable Donations

December means frigid winter settling in for the long haul, holiday cheer suffusing the crisp air and a renewed love for our fellow man launching a season of giving. This spike in charitable thinking is an annual blessing to those in need, but there are some who might wonder how they can create a longer-lasting impact. How can they be more intentional in their giving and create a legacy for themselves and their descendants? The answer lies with Stark Community Foundation.

SCF partners with individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits in the community to craft charitable plans powered by their interests and passions. These Stark residents feel compelled to pay their blessings forward and help those who may need it more, and Vice President of Advancement, Bridgette Neisel, says that’s their G.I.G.; a donor Gives their hard-earned dollars to SCF, which in turn Invests those dollars and Grants them back to the community per the donor’s wishes. The organization has had its finger on the pulse of the community’s needs for nearly 60 years, and as such, it can skillfully and pragmatically maximize the impact that a donor’s contribution makes.

“Our role isn’t to ask donors to come support our cause. Rather, it’s to ask our donors what they are most passionate about and how we can help them support their favorite causes in the most efficient, effective way possible,” says Bridgette.

Stark citizen, Brian Layman, has a long history with SCF, having worked closely with them for nearly 20 years to assist the philanthropic goals of his law group’s clientele. He and his wife, Whitney, have lived in the Canton area since 1995 and contribute to Aultman Hospital, Guardian Support Services and other professional organizations in various capacities. They’ve established their own Donor Advised Fund with the organization, one which they expect to continue with their three children.

“We are so blessed, and to whom much is given, much is expected,” says Whitney. “We want the majority of our giving to be local and have an impact on the community that has embraced us and provided us with so much.”

Brian adds, “Every day the team at SCF is figuring out what our community needs most, so they’re really the perfect partner for connecting potential donors with whatever organizations best fulfill their charitable objectives.”

There are many varied types of funds available at SCF, meaning each donor can customize their plan to match their goals. There are Donor Advised Funds, perfect for those who enjoy flexibility in their giving and a hands-on approach. Designated Funds are for anyone who prefers to “set it and forget it,” making automated grants to their favorite charities. Field of Interest Funds provide continued support for the ever-changing needs of a variety of nonprofits based on a broader area of enthusiasm, such as youth sports or the fine arts.

Bridgette encourages anyone interested in establishing a fund to come in and explore all the options. The SCF team can help a donor take their perspective on charitable giving to the next level. They will assist in creating a strategic plan to make giving as intentional and purposeful as possible. They provide education on the greatest needs currently facing the community and which organizations best serve those needs. With their aid, a donor can construct a charitable vehicle that will continue to have an impact on those organizations long after they’re gone. You can visit StarkCF.org or call 330.454.3426 today to learn more.

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