Seasonal Comfort Foods

Fall is the perfect season to revisit your favorite comfort food recipes. Soups, stews, casseroles and chili are great options to feed a crowd and warm you up. Whether you prefer to cook at home or enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, we’ve rounded up a few comfort food recipes plus some places to enjoy a perfect fall meal.

  1. Kingsway Pumpkin Farm


    There’s tons of fun at Kingsway Pumpkin Farm, including a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. Choose your own gourd to take home and cook!

  2. Smoke the Burger Joint


    Smoke the Burger Joint is capturing comfort with toasty gourmet grilled cheese and a velvety-smooth tomato basil bisque that will warm you head to toe.

  3. The Cucina at Gervasi's Vineyard


    Prepare comfort foods yourself with The Cucina at Gervasi’s “Everything Pumpkin” demo, featuring wine, a pumpkin themed four-course meal by Chef Meg Feller, and more!

  4. The Desert Inn Restaurant and Lounge


    If warm Arabic flavors and live entertainment are your vibe, getting cozy with some savory kebabs at The Desert Inn might just fit the bill.

  5. Lucia's Steakhouse


    A decadent steak dinner might be the ultimate edible indulgence, so visit Lucia’s Steakhouse and top it off with an old fashioned to treat yourself.

  6. Bam Healthy Cuisine


    For fresh fall flavors that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, try a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin or some butternut squash soup at BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE.

  7. Fromage du Monde


    Fromage du Monde offers, among other things, artfully arranged grazing trays and tables packed edge to edge with delightful delicacies. Ideal for Autumn events!

  8. Hartville Chocolate Factory


    Few things are as universally comforting as chocolate, and the fine folks at Hartville Chocolate Factory have been perfecting confections for the past 35 years.

  9. North Canton Farmers Market


    North Canton Farmers Market is the perfect place for fall produce. Snag some sweet fruit for a pie or a jug of homemade apple cider!

  10. Kennedy's Bar-B-Que


    For those with a soft spot for tender meats slathered in sweet, tangy sauce, Kennedy’s Bar-B-Que provides. Try the sliders or a bowl of chili!