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I was about 10 when my dad bought me my first camera. A film camera. Kodak, of course. I loved taking pictures. I dabbed in it over the years but nothing too serious. Once I moved to Albuquerque, I started getting into films, starting off in background, which led to filmmaking, and that led me back to photography. A couple of friends said yes to a photoshoot and we had a good time. We shot around Albuquerque. Beautiful city rich in history. So many different characters of the land wherever you go.

           I like to capture the moment in my photography. Pictures that you can see and feel.

I do portraits, headshots, product photography, landscapes, cars, event photography and I have fun doing creative photography. You can buy some of prints from Picfair.

           I’m always open to do fun and creative photoshoots. If you have something fun in mind, give me a shout!


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I have a photography page up on Facebook where you can see a lot of my work. I am also on Instagram. Denny Shoopman Photography.

I’d love to hear from you and let’s make magic!

Denny Shoopman

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