Home Decor & Design

Whether you are wanting to spruce up your home with new décor and finishes or just appreciate the beautiful homes in our area, we have you covered with what our city has to offer from design studios, shops, home tours and more. 

  1. Indoor Flea Market


    They have a huge selection of items that are unique and chock full of character! Set aside enough time to find that perfect treasure.

  2. Los Ranchos Antique Mall


    Shop the lovely Los Ranchos Antique Mall for Retro, Farmhouse, Southwestern, Rustic, and many more design styles.

  3.  Anteeks


    This is a stop you don't want to miss. Pop in to browse for lovely antique furniture pieces to complete any look.

  4. Antique Specialty Shop


    Still searching for that "just right" piece of furniture or decor? The Antique Specialty Mall may just have the item you can't live without.

  5. At Home


    At Home, has everything! If you are looking for more on-trend and up-to-date furnishings to complete your look, they have you covered!