Winter Celebrations

Experience the tastes, sounds and sights of what our area has to offer this season. We curated a list of ways to celebrate the holidays and usher in the new year in our city. Enjoy! 

  1. Pacific Rim


    Pacific Rim features Japanese street food, including yakisoba, teriyaki chicken and rice, yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice), yakitori, and sweet taiyaki Japanese desserts! Open Thursday-Sunday. 

  2. Rev's BBQ


    Manuel started his food truck by making his own smoker and by making everything from scratch. Check out homemade rubs, meats, desserts, salsa and sides!

  3. Photo By: With Love Waffles

    With Love Waffles


    With Love Waffles is a Food Truck that specializes in over the top dessert style waffles and wafflewiches. 

  4. Tacos La Mordida


    Tacos La Mordida offers  Asada, Chicken, Barbecue, Gringas Taco, Tortas and beef Birria. Open Monday through Sunday from 3:30-10:00 pm or until supplies last!

  5. La Carnita Asada Y Mas


    Offering a wide variety of meats and dishes such as asada nachos and fries, al pastor and of course birria ramen and pizza!