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Sweet Thai Inspired Desserts


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

OH Honey!! …Honey Toast, that is! You haven’t tasted paradise until you have tasted I Am Frozen Dessert Café’s Thai dessert specialties! Introducing Kansas City to a sweet treats destination one could never possibly dream up, inclusive of a charming soft pink and green ambiance serving up Shaved Ice Cream, Thai Iced Coffee, and yasss Honey Toast, @iamcafekc is sister to Pad Thai Restaurant around the corner and the brain child of the kindest family you’ll want to eternally support!

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The founding family travels back and forth to Thailand to not only visit family and soak up their beautiful culture, but “work” on perfecting their cuisine craft to share these incredibly fluffy and rich desserts with Kansas City’s foodie scene! With a philosophy founded on positivity and optimism, one should always consider what their gut tells them when they say aloud, in honor of the café's namesake, “I Am…fill in the dots.” I am Blown Away! I am Grateful! I am in Heaven! The desserts are as equally exquisite as they are delicious, and encourage and remind you to appreciate yourself and your surroundings.

Characterized by a penguin, which signifies cold temperatures and elicits positive childlike emotions, @iamcafekc brings us our favorite Western World flavors, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruit Loops, Oreos to fluffy shaved cream and honey toast, creating dynamite desserts. 'I am Thankful.' 'I am Adventurous.' 'I am Joyful.' And therefore yes, I am STUFFED!

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New menu items were released this season, and believe me when I say, quite literally EVERYTHING is phenomenal. PRO TIP: do yourself a favor and pick up the latest release of the Give & Partake book! A collaboration between two of my fav #bossbabes, Ashley with @giveandpartake and Danielle with @openbelly, this edition features over 20 restaurants owned and conceptualized by immigrant and refugee chefs and restauranteurs, and offers BOGO desserts, appetizers, entrees, and more --> a MUST 2020 #eatlocalkc experience that benefits the equally incredible @kanbesmarkets. The variety of cultures represented is incredible, and the food surpasses all everyday food expectations.

It's not the first time I have raved about I am Frozen Dessert Cafe and it won't be the last, bc owner Ann and her extraordinary personal warmth and talent for creating sweet, edible works of art, are beyond crave-able content! Use my code KCBUCKETLIST for $5 off your Open Belly Give & Partake Book, and jump into spring with I am Frozen's unique experience!

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