Those Who Ride Together...

Adam Drayton - The Newly Open CycleBar Hamlin's General Manager

Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Central Florida, was raised by an amazing single mother, and have a Sister and Brother. I moved to the community from Orlando in 2018 because of the great community that was starting. I got engaged to Kaitlin in January 2019 (more on that in a minute), and we think the wedding will be next year at a venue in Sebastian, FL. In my spare time, I’m either at the beach, riding/teaching at CycleBar or visiting local breweries as I'm a huge fan!

Even from an early age, I’ve had a strong work ethic and had my first job at 14. Over 10 years ago and during the recession, I started and owned a lawn-care service that I’m proud to say is still in operation today. I sold my half of the business to follow my passion - CycleBar!

Why CycleBar for you?

Like for so many of our Members, it’s all about the Ride, the Music, the Energy, but most of all; it’s the Friends and Community I found at my local CycleBar that got me hooked - So much so that I had over 750 rides in 2.5 years, which fueled mine over 65lbs weight loss and journey.

Fitness quickly turned into my passion, and I wanted to be a CycleBar Instructor. Our "Bar" for Instructors is very, very high, to the point where I tried out twice for CycleBar before being accepted. For me, the Third Time Was A Charm, and I’ve been fortunate to now have taught over 350 classes in the last year and am the General Manager of the newly opened CycleBar Hamlin.

CycleBar Proposal??

I met Kaitlin, my Fiancé, online actually, and she moved here from Pennsylvania. After 4 years of being together, she started riding at CycleBar with me, and it brought us even closer than we already were – Those Who Ride Together Stay Together and Together with Kaitlin sounded pretty awesome!

I decided one day that I would propose, and the opportunity came to me as I had just won a CycleBar Rider Challenge. My prize was to teach on stage alongside an instructor, and I thought this would be a perfect way to propose as our friends and CycleBar community were such a part of our lives.

Not wanting to let her find out my plans and to throw her off the trail, I made THE ENTIRE DAY ABOUT ME and my "Prize" - so much that she was so over it all before the class even happened! I remember it perfectly; a full, 5:30 am class with 43 friends and fellow riders (only 5 knew what was really going on).

It was the longest, most nervous, most exhilarating, most epic ride I’ve ever had, both because of being on the stage with the Instructor AND the pending Proposal!

When the last song came on ("Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur), I got off my bike (my friends that knew about the proposal grabbed my bike off the stage) and pulled Kaitlin up on stage, got down on one knee, and with 43 of my friends and other riders cheering me on, I proposed, and She Said… Yes!

What’s Your Key To Success?

I'm a risk-taker on myself and always will be. I believe that you must follow what you're passionate about in life. I'm driven by my abilities to see that I will succeed no matter what challenge or what obstacle gets in my way.

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