2020 Vision

Setting Your Sights for the New Year

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?  Have you kept them? Although it’s estimated that more than 80% of people in the U.S. make New Year’s resolutions, by the end of January half of them have failed to keep their commitments to themselves.  Along with resolutions, most goals and intentions are forgotten long before summer. Start this New Year off right by creating a vision for yourself, rather than a “to do” list. What do you aspire to in the coming year? What do you want to be, to do, to have by the end of 2020?

One method of finding answers to these questions is the One-Word process as proposed in the book “One Word That Will Change Your Life” published in 2014 by authors Jon Gordon, Jimmy Page and Dan Britton. To understand this process, it helps to think about what it’s not. I think about this way:  “In the beginning was the word” … NOT the New Year’s resolution, NOT the list of goals, NOT the intentions, NOT the slogan, NOT the mission statement  … just One Word.  

This is how to discover your word for the year. Take some quiet time to just BE. Remember, we’re not human doings, and we’re not human havings—We are human BE-ings! 

Take time to relax and reflect without distractions.  Tune out of electronics, and tune in to your mind and your heart.  Think about what really needs to change in your life—and why. Ask yourself what is standing in your way of being all you want to be?  Write down your thoughts and reflections, and give yourself a few days or even a week to distill your ideas.  

Look and listen for signs that will help you discover your One Word for the year. Then bring your One Word to life by sharing it with friends and family, posting it on social media, creating a sign or a poster featuring your one word.  When resolutions and goals are long forgotten, one word will stick! It’s easy to remember all year long. It is your theme for the year, and you can weave it into every area of your life.

The best way to incorporate your one word for the year is to create a Vision Board centered around that word. A vision board is a poster board that contains words, pictures, photos, decorations and anything else you want to add to depict your heart’s desires.  Make your One Word the focal point of your vision board. This is a fun activity to do with family, friends, or co-workers.

To find materials for your vision board page through several magazines. Cut out words, phrases, and pictures that catch your attention and fit with your theme. Don’t think too hard about this; let your intuition be your guide.  The results may surprise you as you discover lots of material relevant to your 2020 vision. Paste or glue your findings, and any other decorations or photos you want, onto your board. You won’t know how it’s going to look until it’s done, but rest assured, it will be perfect for you; and if you do this with a group, everyone’s will be different!

Your vision board will inspire you to live out your word of the year and achieve the results you desire. To get the most out of the process, display your vision board in a prominent place where you will see it every day.  Spend some time daily reflecting on your vision for your life. Allow yourself to feel as if your vision has already been achieved. The emotional component is key, so stay with that feeling as long as you can. Then take inspired action.  It’s not magic, but it can feel that way when you really live it out! Track your progress in a journal or on a chart. Visit my website to access a guided mediation to help you create your 2020 vision. Have an amazing 2020!

Sheri is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She can be found at DrSheriWallace.com, facebook.com/pg/OneSourceforWellness and meetup.com/Saint-Augustine-Wellness-4-Life

 When resolutions … are long forgotten, one word will stick! It’s easy to remember … your theme for the year.

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