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Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

We often don’t take the time to truly listen to our bodies AND act on solutions to make them feel better, but when we do, the reward feels SO good! Having recently experienced a multitude of services at Overland Park, KS-based In the Zone Cryo + Health Upgrades, I learned a ton about new wow-factor modern technology and old favorites that give attention to every aspect of our body, both inside and out.

Founded by the fabulous and lovely Joni Van Horn, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the wellness space, In the Zone offers over 8 services that treat the physical, nutritional, mental, and social well-being needs.

With a basis of the wildly popular and successful Cryotherapy service that is most common among athletes who experience the deepest of physical injuries and pain, Joni expanded her services to pair a bundle of treatments that each target an ailment and work cohesively together. The suite of services treats the entire mind, body and soul inside and out and leaves you walking away feeling like you did something really special for your health and happiness.

First Treatment: Cryotherapy

Cold compression therapy, otherwise known as Cryotherapy, is an extremely brief and intense experience … in the BEST way possible for today’s busy world. A total of 3 minutes inside a stand-up chamber set to -220 degrees, cryotherapy treatment is known to burn anywhere between 300-600 calories within minutes, thanks to its positive shock to the system, and addresses everything from inflammation and arthritis to post-injury recovery, obesity, osteoporosis, and so much more.

In the Zone makes this experience most enjoyable by making it playful with your choice of music tunes overhead as well as fun celebratory props like birthday hats to grab that cute pic while inside the chamber! Who is worried about the extremity of cold temperatures when you’re dancing in circles?

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Second Treatment: Compression Therapy

Arms, legs and hips: Slip on some compression sleeves for 30+ minutes and enjoy the pulse and release sensation that aids in decreasing muscle fatigue, improves range of motion, increases circulation, and reduces pain and soreness. 

It’s surprisingly therapeutic in the way the sleeves penetrate your skin and muscles and quite literally, physically allow you to feel nearly head to toe the immediate impact of this treatment. Lay back in the oversized and ultra comfy bean bag and just take this time to slow the mind while the wellness process takes over. This is all about escaping the noise, the overindulgence, the harshness to our physical bodies and allowing just a brief moment in time for In the Zone to set the reset button on your health grade.

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Third Treatment: Infrared Sauna & Red Light Therapy

I’m a sucker for heat, so pair 120+ degrees with the power of Infrared light and the sweat effect is the perfect outcome. Whether you enjoy the sensory effect of the healthy red heat, the notion of eliminating toxins through the cleanse of fluids leaving your body, or the additional benefits that help your skin, acne, reduction in stress, or the simple act of enjoying the quiet corridor, 30-60 minutes in the sauna in and of itself is a positive gift to your head-to-toe being.

Turn music on, close your eyes or slip on some shades, get comfy as you lay comfortably in this little tropical oasis, and be sure to drink LOTS of water upon exit as you replenish the body and its love for fluids.

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Fourth Treatment: Instasculpt

Who WOULDN'T love this amazing technology that targets those extremely annoying fat cells all around your body that you feel you do so much to lose? Every human has cellulite, and this progressive technology is completely non-invasive after one to multiple sessions and treats the stomach, waist, back, thighs, hips, arms and calves. 

Snag your measurement before and after so the results show for themselves. Every body is different, and even the most minimal result provokes happiness and fulfillment with this service. Go on a recurring basis and Joni will surely help you find continuous reduction in your specified areas. If only I could be a fly on the interior wall of my body to see exactly how this is working, because the simple act of truly feeling the treatment was enough to have me excitedly walking away.

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Fifth Treatment: Vibration Plate

While maybe not so much a “treatment,” it is an added benefit to visiting In the Zone, as you spend several minutes amongst this floor plate that vibrates your entire body, stimulating the muscles at a much higher rate than you normally would. It’s a wild sensation and one that is quick, painless, and actually kind of fun!

Shout out to Joni and her amazing team for their knowledge, their amazing customer service, and their thoughtful nature. Clients don’t leave the studio without a small token of appreciation: a small bonsai tree to take home that supports the Starfish Project. It brings a smile to your face and theirs, as they know they not only have given you quality wellness time that you will cherish, but that they also are supporting an amazing cause and spreading awareness in the process.

I hope this inspires you to prioritize your health and happiness and allow Joni to lead you all the way!