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50 Penn Place Art Gallery is a Community Cultural Cornerstone

As one of Oklahoma City’s most distinguished fine art galleries for over 25 years, 50 Penn Place Art Gallery celebrates a rich history derived from humble beginnings. The gallery came into existence when a group of local artists decided to open a place where they could properly show and sell their work. Today, the gallery includes 11 local “member artists” as well as a number of “guest artists” with worldwide reputations earning its place as a cornerstone in the cultural arts community. 

The gallery itself features beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces created by talented artists in a variety of media suitable for the new and experienced art collector with a wide price range to accommodate just about any need. Every two months, they host an opening reception, as well as a “Paint-In/Demonstration” in alternate months to educate collectors on the latest works. The “Paint-In,” which is a large-scale demonstration, is held on the afternoon of the second Saturday of those months. Gallery artists bring work and supplies to a designated space in front of the gallery where they invite patrons to watch and ask questions as they work. 

The focus and philosophy of 50 Penn Place Art Gallery stands firmly rooted on giving the public an opportunity to meet the artists, to observe the creative process, to educate collectors about art in general as well as artists in particular and to become more comfortable being around artists and galleries as a whole. 

Overall, the gallery strives to leave their collectors feeling that they received the help they were looking for, found answers to their questions, and enjoyed a general positive experience that makes them want to return. 

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