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A Weekend Guide to Weston, MO


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

Road trips from your hometown city center are one of the most adventurous, convenient, and easily forgotten ways to explore the world. Without having to book a flight, arrive on time at a crowded and restricted airport, or deal with thousands of other unknown travelers to see sights you've never seen, simply hopping in a car to freely roam is one of the most liberating and rewarding ways to explore whether alone, as a couple, or as a group!

Weston, Missouri; a mere 30 miles or so outside of Kansas City, is one of the most quaint, charming, and fulfilling trips. Make it a weekend or mid-week jaunt and do everything from eat, drink, shop, walk, bike, hike, "pick," and more.

One of my favorite weekends in Weston, MO is summarized here for you to use as a local travel guide!

Downtown + Bed & Breakfast

Historic Main Street: Nothing completes a trip to Weston like walking up and down Main Street, with its vintage Phillips 66 Gas Pumps, delightful gift shops and cafes, year-round festivals and events, and hillside views just steps away from local beer, wine, and spirits. Shop your local maker heart out, feast on American eatables, and soak up one of America, and Missouri's best small towns!

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The Murphy House: This gorgeous Victorian home built in 1912 is filled with genuine family heirlooms and chic 1900s accessories. With just two private rooms for guests, wake up to 7:30 am coffee followed by a prepared brunch and enjoy a morning on the beautiful wrap-around porch merely steps away from Weston’s Main St for shopping, dining, parks, cocktails, live music, and more. 

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Tin Kitchen: A Weston staple on historic Main Street known for its smoked barbecue meats, starters, sides, and desserts, this Southern Smokehouse is the perfect casual spot for relaxed fare, beers, and a break between strolling Weston's downtown district.

Noah's Cupboard: With a mere 18 seats, an open kitchen, and a scheduling attention span of Thurs-Sat in the heart of Weston’s Main Street, Chef Nick single-handedly creates “thought-provoking, soul-fulfilling” dishes that seemingly jumped out of an art book. Farm to table quite literally within the region is Chef Nick's mission with accolades galore to relish in.

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Cocktails, Wine & Beer

Holladay Distillery: Holladay's property is impressive, and it is a literal breath of fresh air no matter what time of year you visit. Tour the gorgeous property from bottom to top and learn about the history of Missouri bourbon from 1856, sample as many liquors as you want, and drink your way through the gift shop from the interior bar or outside patio overlooking the hillside pastures.

Green Dirt Farm: An award-winning sheep's milk cheese-producing farm that contributes scenic views and marvelous farm events, like locally-inspired 5-course dinners to cheese + beverage tastings; this destination offers distinguished, seasonal experiences within its picturesque barn. Visit the Creamery serving fast casual-style menu items, like Vox Vineyards wine, charcuterie boards, and more. 

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Pirtle Winery: Pirtle Winery brings to Weston multiple one-of-a-kind attributes that make this a must-visit! Climb the steep stairs to the sanctuary-turned-urban tasting room for generous servings of their wine varieties. Pirtle grows many of its grapes nearby, producing an impressive collection of classic wines, fruit wines, and meads; head outside to the shaded and vibrant vine-covered wine garden to enjoy!

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The Coal House Saloon: Grab a cocktail at one of the most eclectic environments, The Coal House Lodge & Saloon. This old coal elevator turned one-of-a-kind establishment is a 1-bedroom log cabin B&B with an adjoining outside bar and architectural salvage. Sit bar-side in one of the vintage barber chairs, at a four-top next to a Gilligan's island-like boat, or in the backseat of a VW.

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Weston Brewing Company: Grab Irish pub grub lunch or dinner and locally brewed beer samplings at the casual and old-fashioned-feeling American Bowman restaurant and take in the sights and signage of this historic landmark dating back to the 1840s. Eat and drink inside or out in the beer garden with a beautiful wooded view, and return later to O'Malley's 1842 Irish Pub.

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TeraVox Winery: TerraVox is also the wine du jour at Green Dirt Farm's Tasting Room, a short 15-minute drive from the sprawling estate. TerraVox's vineyard itself is closed to the public, save for their published events calendar and by appointment only private and group tours.

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Cactus Creek: New goods, vintage decor, and a beer cellar complete this Wild West boutique experience. Owner Fancy T. Smith and her team craft a collection of apparel, home decorations, jewelry, and antiques that represent this Midwestern region, with one-of-a-kind pieces and local Kansas and Missouri flair to show off your home-state pride. 

McCormick on Main: With exposed brick walls, an authentic tin ceiling, and a beautiful reclaimed wood, relax with a cocktail while shopping for souvenirs, and sampling spirits including the Holladay premium brands 360 Vodka, Broker’s Gin, Tequila Rose, Hussong’s Tequila, Triple Crown, KeKe, and Tarantula, as well as the McCormick family brands.

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Music + Nightlife

O'Malley's 1842 Pub: Jig your heart away with some whiskey and local beer with two levels of acoustics 60 feet underground in the original cellars of Weston Brewing Co. Two musical stages live amongst a dark and truly unique setting with Irish vibes palatable and uplifting to end your night on a high note.

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Green Dirt Farm: Kids will love touring Green Dirt Farm and the milking and cheese-making process while meeting the adorable sheep that supply us with the region's best cheese. Walk the grounds and see the picture-perfect barn where Cheese Tastings and Farm Table Dinners take place. Complete the experience at the Creamery with beer- or wine-paired cheeseboards, and grab an ice cream cone and goodies from the market on your way out!

Weston Red Barn Farn: "The Red Barn Farm offers visitors the opportunity to experience a real working farmstead. We feature traditional farm animals and crops found in Missouri during the 19th century. In addition to the working farm, we offer educational tours for children, a country store featuring fresh produce, gorgeous wedding facilities,

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