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Hidden Gems in Kansas City 2.0


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy Hargesheimer

"Hidden Gem:" Something which is extremely outstanding and not many people may know about.

May I present to you my 'Hidden Gems in Kansas City 2.0!' ICYMI, my first Hidden Gems in Kansas City was published in January 2021, and this is my follow up to that list that I LOVE. When it comes to 'hidden gems' in Kansas City, the list is seemingly endless! Unique things to do in Kansas City, off the beaten path things to see, flying under the social media radar, or otherwise - I have compiled *in random order* an ADDITIONAL list of my personal favorite "hidden gems" in KC that anyone should experience. 

Some may be obvious to the reader, many may be unheard of, but all just simply had to be featured as a photo and indulgence opportunity for the locals and tourists alike. For a deeper dive into the experience of each, click the hyperlinked title to each that will take you to my @kansascitybucketlist post highlighting each of them in detail! And, as always, follow the local business's Instagram account for recent updates and events!

Generally speaking, these are small businesses, brands, foods, and experiences that I have found to be the 'surprise and delight' kind of content that people LOVE!

Graffiti Attic | Union Station

"There are a lot of art galleries in Kansas City but none quite like Graffiti Attic in Union Station. It was an idea born in the middle of a pandemic that invited local artist to come paint whatever they wanted to paint on. Since then, the space has become an artist commune of street artist from all over the city sharing knowledge and techniques with one another. Graffiti Attic is only open to the public on the First Friday of each month from 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM and offers free admission."

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No Vacancy | Crossroads

"The ideal accommodation for group or solo travelers seeking the privacy of a well curated loft with the quality and comfort of a boutique hotel. Book one or all of the 8 unique guest rooms and find solitude in the lounge or discover an oasis on the 2nd story courtyard."

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Drastic Measures | Shawnee, KS

"Here at Drastic Measures our aim is to be a your neighborhood craft cocktail bar and to give you a little place to escape, a place for conversation, laughs and cocktails."

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HITIDES Coffee | Crossroads

"Rolling in and out, following the rhythm of our days. It’s essential to find those moments, those vibes, those breaks that encourage us to slow down and enjoy our ride. HITIDES has paired up with MARCELL to create thoughtful roasts with flavor notes that wash over you like warm waves, feels like seeing your reflections within moving ripples or it just simply reminds you of the vivid colors of a sunset over open water. Here’s to drifting differently, appreciating simpler pleasures and changing coffee breaks."

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Old Red Bridge Love Locks | Kansas City, MO

"Celebrate your commitment by “locking your love” to the Old Red Bridge in Minor Park. The placing of love locks is a custom whereby couples affix a padlock to a bridge, fence, gate or similar fixture so pronouncing their unbreakable and everlasting love. After you lock your love, help keep the Blue River clean by tossing your key into special boxes attached to the bridge. Your donated keys will be used by the organization Monarchs on the Move to create a sculpture of the iconic Monarch Butterfly that travels through Kansas City on its amazing multi-generational migration."

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Creative Culture Gourmet Milkshake Bar | Westport + Leawood

"Who doesn't love a milkshake? Now imagine a milkshake with mind-blowing toppings and creative flavors. At the Creative Culture milkshake bar, we have reimagined the traditional milkshake and created edible works of art. Each milkshake is hand-crafted and served in a mason jar that you can take home with you. From fire-roasted s'mores to our key lime pie milkshake we have a flavor for everyone. A variety of flavors make up our everyday menu as well as special flavors for holidays, seasons, and special events. At Creative Culture we like to "Shake" it up."

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Swanky! Interior Design Gallery | Midtown

"Swanky is a curated gallery of unique vintage and antique furnishings. We feature refurbished upholstered pieces, local artists, folk art, beautiful and unusual rugs, and designer lamps and lighting. We focus on high quality design, comfort, function, and affordability."

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Monarch Books & Gifts | Overland Park

"Welcome to The Green Door Book Store & Gift Shoppe, Johnson County’s premier indie bookstore and gift shoppe, where old meets new, unique meets trendy and novelty meets classic. Walk through The Green Door and find a unique gift for friends, family members, children, teachers or yourself. Come in and make yourself comfortable while perusing our wide selection of books, both new and used, in all genres. The kids can sit in our fun children’s section and read or enjoy story time while you shop. At The Green Door Book Store & Gift Shoppe, we always have a little something for everyone!"

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West Bottoms Whiskey Co. | West Bottoms

"West Bottoms Whiskey Co. is located in the heart of the West Bottoms warehouse district of Kansas City. The warehouses, rail yards, and proximity to the river represents all the industry, innovation, and experimentation from which Kansas City has grown. Join us for craft whiskey cocktails in our parlor, make a reservation for a private tour, or reserve our loft area for a small group."

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Andre's Chocolates & Confiserie Flagship Store | South Plaza

"We are a family-owned business rooted in three generations of Swiss-trained confiseurs, handcrafting Swiss-style confections and more in Kansas City since 1955. The Bollier family has immersed themselves in the art of Swiss techniques and classic recipes. While honoring tradition, they are known for bringing their personal passion, ingenuity and pride to create distinctive chocolate experiences for the community that has made André's a Kansas City treasure for 65 years and counting."

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Conductor Club | Union Station

"A speakeasy on the 3rd floor of Union Station."

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KC Slingshot Rentals | Crossroads

"At KC Slingshot we share your obsession with driving. We exist to provide you with an exciting, exhilarating, worry-free experience. We want to provide an affordable way for you to get in on the fun. Whether it be a weekend cruise with your friends or test-driving a Slingshot before you purchase your own, we are here to help you get on the road. We’ve taken care of all the details and have gone out of our way to anticipate everything you will need to enjoy your Slingshot to the fullest!"

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Enchante | Midtown

"The bakery is an open kitchen with a warm and inviting interior that entices guests to drop in. Here is how we are different: We switch our feature menu daily and ensure that we maintain the highest quality standard in all our baked goods. ENCHANTÉ focuses on the baked goods you have come to love over the years we look forward to doing the baking for you."

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Zephyr Kitchen & Bourbon Bar | Overland Park

"Zephyr Kitchen & Bourbon Bar is a central gathering place for hotel guests and locals. The stunning, yet approachable, design makes it an ideal space for enjoying your favorite beverage or to partake in an amazing selection of over 125 bourbons, an innovative craft cocktail, or craft brew."

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The Primrose | Mission

"From cocktails ON the menu, like the Aperol Spritz, to cocktails off the menu, like the Black Martini that your knowledgeable bartender will suggest based on your inquisitive request, The Primrose is a libation-lovers experience, including Signature & Classic Cocktails as well as N/A Mocktails."

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Voo Lounge | Downtown

"Step into our timeless cocktail lounge on the storied Baltimore Ave. Piano Bar | Curated Cocktails | Reservations Encouraged."

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Nighthawk | Downtown

"Downtown Kansas City's newest late-night spot. Nighthawk is a kickass basement bar focused on fast-friendly service, music, nostalgic comfort food, & drinks that make you want to dance; plus, we got a pool table."

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Monument Rocks | Lewis, KS

"The 70 feet tall sedimentary formations of Niobrara Chalk were created by the erosion of a sea bed which formed during the Cretaceous Period. 80 million years ago, this land was the sea bed beneath the Western Interior Seaway which covered much of what is now North America. This limestone is quite soft and changes in the edges of the rock formations can be seen from year to year. Please be careful not to harm the rocks."

Jim's Alley Bar | Crossroads

"Jim’s is located in ‘Art Alley’ in the East Crossroads.  Join us for an ice-cold beer, from-scratch cocktails, and some hearty bar fare. If you can’t find the door, keep looking."

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