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A Guide to Mission Farms


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

Photography by Mindy H + Stephanie Manning + Alysia Bartletter + Kate Mundo

“We Can’t Mask Our Love of Mission Farms!” A tagline that resonates with me, as one of the first Kansas City corridors I was ever introduced to upon moving to this Midwest city full of character! 

Whether greeted by the elegant bronze horses that represent the storied past of this Johnson County spread, or perhaps it’s the twinkling lights connecting the elevated restaurants, boutiques, and wellness destinations that leave you feeling full and your best self yet, Mission Farm boasts a line up of experiences that locals and travelers to KC alike will fall in love with.

As one who has experienced the residential life of a multitude of Midwest cities, the luxury apartments and condos alone at Mission Farms are a strong, desirable draw for those looking for a district that offers it all.

Sleep peacefully in a quiet suburban pocket, albeit a suburb that offers the walkability that the big city life only typically provides.

Wake up and grab a healthy, satiating breakfast before popping into your health or styling session. Shop for some exquisite art and jewelry before grabbing a Happy Hour cocktail, followed by a globally inspired dinner.

I recently had the opportunity to navigate my way through Mission Farms’ establishments, one-by-one connecting with the aesthetics, the cuisines, and the business visionaries who are masters at their craft and services. 

Enjoy perusing my firsthand experiences and find your own inspiration to make a day, night, or beloved ritual out of all that Mission Farms has to offer!

Paros Estiatorio

If you’ve traveled to Greece, your dining experience at Paros Estiatorio will flood you with memories of one of the greatest trips of your time, and if you haven’t visited the gorgeous islands, then your next trip will find inspiration in your plated experience here in the Middle of the Map. The moment you step into Paros’ crisp and serene Mediterranean restaurant vibe, you’ll be swept away by the ability to transport your landlocked mindset to a sophisticated beachside lunch or dinner, presented with flaming Saganaki and a spread of appetizers and salads, pastas and featured entrees, as well as desserts, Aegean Sea inspired cocktails, and Grecian wines, beers, and spirits!

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Gallery V Fine Arts

This vibrant retail gallery and art boutique curates original creations from artists near and far who work with a variety of mediums. Whether you have a deep and rich appreciation for fine art or love the addition of a gorgeous piece of art acquired into your home or office design, the selections of Paintings, Ceramics, Glass, Sculptures, and Jewelry will capture your attention for the intricate and one-of-a-kind pieces to collect, appreciate, and display with their stunning designs!

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Xiphium Salon

This beautifully bright and airy Aveda salon is a lifestyle destination for hair, makeup, and self-care. The warm and skilled styling staff provide the spectrum of desirable services to meet every individual’s preference, from individually curated hair services and stylings complete with relaxing massages to finish, to customized face and back skincare treatments, hair removal, eye therapy, foot reflexology, makeup consulting, and complimentary sensory experiences!

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Enjoy Pure Food + Drink

The most upscale, nourishing 'pure food + drink' destination, backed by Founder Staci Cross, as well as one of KC's first James Beard award-winning Chefs, Michael Smith, serves up belly-satiating bowls, plates, sides, soups, sandwiches, salads, and desserts that melt the hearts of those looking to feed their souls the power of good, clean foods and cocktails. Enjoy Pure Food + Drink has been, and is here to stay, for you to soak up an unequivocally green and unique culinary experience!

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Elite Cycling

The time has never been better for a focus on outdoor activities and healthy well-being, and Elite Cycling combines their passion and expertise for the sport and hobby of biking to bring Kansas City a one-stop destination for all your cycling needs. Offering road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid, and kids bikes, this adrenaline-inducing environment comes complete with every part, accessory, apparel, service, and tutorial you will need for a leisurely ride or a competitive jaunt!

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Kansas City’s most regal and private jewelry selection experience tucked away in Mission Farms’ district, is VanBrock. One step into this gorgeous and intimate, gated suite will have you asking why you haven't shared this experience and level of comforting attention before. With internationally renowned jewelers encased throughout, presenting the latest designs, gems, and impeccable standards for quality, VanBrock is a beautiful family-owned gallery that meets the accessorized interest of both women and men, while offering a jewelry shopping experience that takes the intimidation out and brings the confidence and authenticity in!

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Martin City Brewing Company Pizza & Taproom 

Martin City Brewing Co. hands down brews some of the best locally brewed craft beer and fires up some of the most satiating stone-fired pizzas around town, and the Mission Farms Taproom opened following the success of the original Martin City locales. With a buzzing, inviting atmosphere paired with music and a cozy interior, one may also dine al fresco under the string-lit patio with views abound of the Mission Farms corridor. Enjoy live music amongst their extensive craft beer selections, like their flagship Belgian Blond, Abbey, City Saison, and Hardway IPA!

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Eye Style Optics

Locally owned with an eye for class and style, Eye Style Optics is backed by one of KC’s top Opticians who brings luxury to an otherwise everyday practice. One step into this bold yellow and black motif and you’ll be encompassed by gorgeous frames ranging from the classics to the most cutting edge and elevated designs. Whether you enjoy the communal experience or the private one-on-one consultation, Eye Style Optics is your home for finding the perfect vision!

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With James Beard award-winning Chefs at the helm, and an intentional focus on and passion for Midwestern and local farmer fare, it’s no wonder Rye is a Kansas City favorite amongst foodies. This stunning corner eatery pairs rich, yet rustic charm with a twinkling-lit patio for the best of them. For brunch, lunch, or dinner, you can salivate over the difficult decision in front of you with sweet and savory dishes, only to be followed by some of KC’s most notoriously delicious pies. Rye is amongst the exceptional restaurant selections within Mission Farms, all to become your go-to destinations!

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Fusion Fitness

Hustle, focus, and breathe while you work towards looking and feeling your best. With a fitness methodology designed to decrease body fat, tone muscles, increase flexibility and challenge your overall core, join a community of engaged and like-minded enthusiasts and work your way to the strong, beautiful, and proud individual you desire to be. Classes, workshops, and programs range in 'Sweat Rankings' and rotating schedules, providing varying levels of intensity and accommodations to acquire the progressive strength you seek!

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Blue Koi

Step out of your Midwest fare and into Chinese comfort food with Blue Koi’s noodles and dumplings. Dine inside the dimly lit, yet vibrant interior, or outside on the corner patio, and enjoy everything from Bubble Tea and selections from a full bar, to Chinese starters, noodles, and rice dishes while the friendly staff makes your experience one that will take you away and into an international escape!

*Photos provided by Alysia Bartletter

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Mission: Skin

This state-of-the-art Medspa caters to the clientele seeking modern aesthetics. Start with a complimentary skin analysis and treatment plan to determine the most aligned mission for your skin. Whether it’s reversing age, eliminating acne, or boosting a glow you are looking to achieve, the aestheticians at Mission: Skin has a wealth of customized 'Exclusive' services to have you walking out feeling renewed, refreshed, and ageless!

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Tavern at Mission Farms

When classic American fare is exactly what your palate wants, Tavern’s starters, soups, and salads, mains, handhelds, and homemade desserts will hit your American-heart spot. With an extensive menu boasting innovative takes on classics, like pasta, grilled cheese, and fresh salads, Tavern is a local staple that never disappoints your culinary outing, both in Mission Farms and their second location in Prairie Village!

*Photos provided by Stephanie Manning

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New You Health Studio

New You – Health Studio is where patients come to find answers to their health and beauty needs. In an age where your health is dependent upon a diseased system that functions retroactively, it is past time that you can go to one location for the most advanced, personalized care to achieve the results you deserve. To understand how to start your beauty with a foundation from within, come see Dr. Shelley Alexander, D.O., our board-certified anti-aging and regenerative medicine doctor.

*Photos provided by Kate Mundo

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