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Doc Jen Fit


Article by Mindy Hargesheimer

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Meet the influential face of City Lifestyle Health + Wellness: Doc Jen Fit!

From an early age, Jen Esquer was constantly moving and highly active, which transformed itself into a career she is hyper-passionate about and wildly influential within. With a B.S. in Kinesiology and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Dr. Jen has been named one of the Top 40 Physical Therapy Influencers of 2019, a Top 50 Healthcare Professional, and ranked 1 of the Best Fitness Trainers on Instagram by Shape Magazine. She’s also frequently featured in major media, like Good Morning America, Forbes Magazine, Women’s Health, SHAPE, Oxygen Magazine, CBS and SO much more.

Hold my kombucha while I digest ALL of that success for a minute!

Don't miss our latest podcast with the Doc herself! Listen in to hear first hand from Doc Jen as she chats exclusively with City Lifestyle about "The Optimal Body" (did we pique your interest?!). 

Equal parts gorgeous, charming, authentic, and inspiring, Jen is a master at her craft of alleviating chronic pain and injuries within all walks of life: moms, athletes, young, old, male, female, famous, and the everyday stressed out human being. STRESS. Yes, we are all experiencing it, and it is taking a massive toll on our bodies. But, Doc Jen is here for it in more ways than one. And, she’s reached international status as well.

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The Mobility Method

“Fascinated with the human body and what the body can do,” Jen took her education, experience, and intuition to create something better and more readily available for those wanting to MOVE without pain again. Better yet, Jen encourages everyone to start moving BEFORE the pain kicks in and to understand where your body is restricted, so that you can tailor your routines to areas of discomfort and optimize your daily movement.

Enter: The Mobility Method, Doc Jen’s answer to stretching yourself beyond your basic diagnosis and into the optimized movement only your own body knows and is capable of. And, Jen knows exactly how to help you get there. Who is Jen’s ideal client? Anyone suffering from pain that has been unable to overcome it with cookie cutter treatments and needs a more intuitive guide.

From "Shy" Girl to International Influencer

From student to PT to unexpected “Influencer” status, Jen has successfully and organically grown her platform of exposure to her techniques and guided flows that are driving swarms of people to FEEL better. From the beaches of Santa Monica, where she calls home, to the followers of her social media, listeners to her podcast, and the constant influx of new clients reaching her blog and business site to request 1-on-1 evaluations, individuals can find hope and answers via membership into her online toolbox of hip, back, shoulder, neck, ankle, wrist & toe exercise modules all while becoming an integral part of her “community.” Better yet, if you’re in Southern California, Jen would LOVE to meet you face-to-face until our global travels resume.

Just join any one of her 600k+ followers on @docjenfit, 200k+ followers on @themobilitymethod, 30k followers on @theoptimalbody, 20k followers on Facebook, 20k subscribers on @DocJenFit on YouTube, and a loyal listener base to her and her PT fiance Dr. Dom’s podcast, The Optimal Body. This level of loyal following may have come as a surprise early on to Jen, but the platform she has created to extend her knowledge on Core Stability Workouts,  Mobility Flows, and Functional HIIT Workouts to improve strength has created a laundry list of testimonials whose pain has found relief and injuries overcome.

“Focus on what is needed and more opportunities will arrive for you.”

And she has some words of wisdom for those also looking to “influence,” become an “Influencer,” and simply find their path to connecting with their audience: “Focus on what is needed and more opportunities will arrive for you.” And, “stay focused on who you are and you will naturally attract a following.” 

Be consistent and be transparent; don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they want to see more of and what they are drawn to, and cater to those opportunities for ongoing content and direction. Likewise, one word: “Collaborate.” Collaboration vs Competition has been a key to Dr. Jen’s success. 

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Follow Doc Jen Fit as City Lifestyle’s Health + Wellness Ambassador as she continues to contribute pearls of mobility wisdom that you can benefit from. Read her instructional guides and subscribe to her platforms to jump (or do a handstand) on Jen’s “body” board! 

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