9Round Kickboxing Comes to Town Center

Meet Owner Holly Tabrizi

Working out with a trainer is an effective way to meet your fitness goals, but it can be hard to plan sessions around your busy schedule—plus it's expensive. Holly Tabrizi offers a solution with her innovative 9Round Kickboxing business located in Laguna Niguel Town Center.

What is your background? How did you get into kickboxing and personal fitness?

I have a master’s degree in accounting and finance, and I am a CPA. I moved to California back in 2012 and started working as an accountant in the corporate world doing audits and taxes for multi-million-dollar companies. Even though I enjoyed my work, I knew my passion involved not only mastering finances but also helping others to master their body and mind. This gives them control of their total health. 

I believe that positive energy and enthusiasm is very contagious. Therefore, my dream was always to create a crowd full of energy and enthusiasm so that we could absorb the outside world and make them strong mentally and physically. 

I had spent a lot of money on my own personal trainers. But with my super busy work and university class schedule, I struggled to keep my training appointments. As a result, I was forced to pay penalties for missed appointments and continuously had to reschedule. I felt my fitness slipping away and knew something needed to change. So, I left my job and started to look for different business ventures in the fitness field. 

Being a health enthusiast, I hired a personal trainer again at $78 an hour and started training. After a month, I realized I had spent about $4,300 and could not afford to keep my personal trainer. 

In 2003, I came across 9Round Fitness. It was an amazing concept, and I quickly realized that the 9Round model would not only solve my problems, but it would help many people like me who have a busy lifestyle.

9Round offered a 30-minute full-body workout with no class times—meaning I could walk in anytime and get a knowledgeable personal trainer with no appointments! It sounded too good to be true. I looked into it some more and discovered I could be the first franchise in the Orange County and LA area. I loved the concept of no classes and burning 500 calories in 30 minutes. On top of that, it came with a nutritional guide complete with meal plans. I decided to introduce this gym to the Orange County/LA area, and I am proud that many owners in the area are either my previous members, or they have been inspired by me to open a fitness club as well. 

How long have you lived in Orange County?

I’ve lived here since 2012. My first 9Round was established in Costa Mesa, and Laguna Niguel is our second location. 

Why is Town Center a great spot for a studio?

Town Center is centrally located with a spacious parking lot and a wide variety of businesses. It's a super convenient shopping center located on the corner of Crown Valley Parkway and Niguel Road. Easy access and spacious parking are key.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer 30-minute cardio kickboxing. There are no set class times. You can walk in any time and work with a trainer. It's fast, effective and efficient circuit training. Exercises are changing every single day to target all muscle groups and trainers are always included—as is the nutritional guide with meal plans. 

Who is your typical client? What kind of experiences differ from person to person?

Our members are men, women and children 10 years of age and older. Most members have never had routine workouts in their lives. Some have never worked out before at all, and some do a routine workout in other gyms, but they cannot commit to any specific classes. We also have some members who are coming back from an injury or surgery.  

Whether you are an experienced kickboxer or a working mom or dad who has a busy lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. Everyone exercises on their own level, and there is no peer pressure.

Since we offer no class times, people love to work out in our gym. They can walk in anytime during our operating hours, seven days a week, and get a killer workout with training on-demand—no need to make any appointments. For beginners, we have a specific first-timer workout, and we make sure we do a health assessment in advance of training. Then, we modify workouts to make sure each student is comfortable. Every member works out at their own pace and ability level. This is not a group class. You may walk in and see seven people are working out, or you may walk in and see only two people are there in different stations.

Our mission is to make people stronger—both physically and mentally—in 30 minutes!

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