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A Day in the Canyon

In need of ideas for a mini-adventure you might not have experienced in the valley before? Look no further than No Name, just east of Glenwood Springs on I-70. Family-friendly, accessible, and totally gorgeous, the quiet little hamlet offers more than enough excitement to fill up one of your Saturdays this summer. Here's how to make it happen.

Getting There

You can easily drive to No Name, but the more scenic way to get there is by bicycle. Hit the bike path entrance just behind Yampah Spa in Glenwood (where limited parking is available around the arts center) and cruise briefly beside the interstate before dropping down into spectacular Horseshoe Bend. There you can ride along a salvaged portion of old U.S. Highway 6, which served motorists in the days before I-70. Keep your eyes peeled for bighorn sheep! Continue around the bend and up through No Name's residential area to be reunited with the bike path at the top of the hill. From there, keep rolling east through the canyon, or turn around to enjoy a well-earned downhill zoom back toward the bend.


Before venturing out, pack a lunch and bring plenty of water, or grab sandwiches to-go from Chomp's Delicatessen on 6th Street in Glenwood near the pedestrian bridge. Alternatively, once you arrive in No Name you can swing by Glenwood Canyon Resort's Bar & Grill, which serves up burgers and other hearty fare on a shaded riverside deck.


For hikers and trail runners, the popular Jess Weaver Trail (drive left off the interstate until you see parking; find overflow spaces at the No Name rest area) offers about seven miles of side canyon glory along No Name Creek. For picnickers, check out the sturdy log shelter on the western side of Horseshoe Bend, where you'll find three large picnic tables and a stony river beach perfect for relaxing and watching rafters float past. For those itching for a bit more of an adrenaline rush, Glenwood Canyon Resort has zip-lining and a high ropes course, and is the home of Defiance Rafting Company with its numerous adventure packages. If you're tuckered out at the end of the day, the resort also offers accommodations in the form of cute camper cabins, family cottages, tent sites, glamping, and RV sites. Just be sure to check availability before your day trip, as summertime is peak tourist season.