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A Doggone Halloween Costume Party

Wagoween Charleston supports our dogs in blue!

Our pets are part of our families, and Charleston has a strong dog-loving culture. But how often do you think about the K9 police dogs trained to tirelessly defend and dutifully ensure peace in our city? These four-legged K9 officers sweep for narcotics as well as help track and locate crime suspects. You might have seen a police dog at the airport, but besides the Aviation Authority, they also work with the FBI, The U.S. Coast Guard, and neighboring police departments.

The Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support (LENS) Foundation of Charleston is a nonprofit that supports law enforcement efforts to strengthen community relations and improve public safety. Wagoween is a fun, family event that helps raise money for the dogs’ retirement care, protective equipment, and specialized training. The cost of procurement, training, care, and special equipment for each K-9 Officer is an estimated $25,000 over their career. Typically, the handling police officers adopt their retiring partners and assume the burden of care and food costs.

Last year’s Wagoween enjoyed overwhelming support from the community and included such esteemed guests as Mayor John Tecklenburg, Charlie the Riverdogs mascot, Shep Rose from TV's Southern Charm, and, of course, the CPD K9 unit. This year's event will also honor the memory of late Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds, who attended last year.

Wagoween 2023 will take place at Charleston Place Hotel on “Second Sunday,” October 8, and promises to delight with creative costumes, fabulous prizes, and celebrity judges. The blocks between Queen and Calhoun will be closed to vehicle traffic and open for canine trick-or-treating.

To enter your dog, or to donate, please go to

Don’t miss this year’s Wagoween! Sunday, October 8. Queen and Calhoun streets will be closed to cars and open for canine triick-or-treating!

  • I’ll have extra Chick-fil-A sauce please.
  • The 2022 Wagoween winner is feted by the judges.
  • I can officially sting like a bee!
  • I’m just lion’ around looking fabulous.