A Letter From Your Future Self

to Challenge Your Growth This Summer

Hey you,

Summer is a wonderful time to get refreshed! School is out, the weather is great, vacation season is here, and we finally have a reprieve from holidays and family obligations. What will you do to fill the time? Have you thought about new and meaningful activities that can foster growth and meaning in your life? Maybe, maybe not, and if not, why!? I know, the idea of something totally new might seem daunting, but I really need you to give it a try. Did you know that fresh experiences are critical for your mental health? They generate a flood of endorphins and help with social-emotional skill building like greater resilience, expanding our worldview, improving empathy, and enhancing our confidence. They bring meaning and depth to your life!

Truth be told it's not always easy to try new things. Sometimes a negative experience in the past impacts your adventurous, curious spirit causing you to retreat to what is familiar and comfortable and maybe you’ve developed what is called a limiting belief around certain ideas, but c’mon, it’s robbing you (and me) to get sucked into this. Yes, limiting beliefs can be, well, limiting, but you possess the courage to try again. You are capable, you are strong, and you deserve a full and happy life!

I want to encourage you to get out there this summer and try something that challenges your comfort zone! I need you to. You will get a boost in your confidence, a pep in your step, and just maybe, a whole new shift in your life! Here are 3 things to consider that are screen-free, family-friendly and sure to stimulate your mood and those around you:

1.     Get out in nature. You live in Florida! There are so many opportunities right in your back yard from nature walks at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve, to bike rides on the West Orange Trail or a day trip to Rainbow Springs! Time in nature is always a good idea and your brain could use the disconnect.

2.     Get creative. Fun for one or a gathering of many, paint parties and creative opportunities are fantastic ways to increase brain health and there is no shortage of them here in Winter Garden. Take your partner, close friends, or your little one on an impromptu rainy-day date to Pinspiration in Horizon West for splatter painting, catch a show at the Winter Garden Theatre. or level up your charcuterie skills at The Modern Host for wine and board-building with friends!

3.     Give back. Volunteer in your community! Make the place you call home better for you, your family, and your neighbors. Build friendships. Help others build better lives by sharing your gift of time. This is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, and you don’t have to run a non-profit to make an impact. From volunteering with youth at Eight Waves and filling care essential bags for the homeless with Miles To Go, to corralling the whole family for a day of sorting and packing food for those in need at Second Harvest Food Bank, our communities need help, and you can have a hand in it!

This summer challenge yourself, your friends and your family to try new things, generate deeper meaning, improve your mental health, and build community! Oh, and don’t forget the SPF, your future skin needs it. I can’t wait to see you out there doing big things this summer. TIA.

With Love,

Future You

I want to encourage you to get out there this summer and try something that challenges your comfort zone!

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