A New Generation of Rental Homes

With Port St. Lucie growing as rapidly as it’s been over the past few years, it seems that we’re always looking for places that friends and family can rent to check out the town before jumping into buying a home. Lucky for us, we have an incredible new community right within our own, The Cottages Tradition; built with nothing but the best in mind for the residents to make it feel like home. 

The Cottages Tradition is a product of Capstone Communities, whose mission be an innovative company dedicated to serving people, building community and delivering exceptional experiences that stand the test of time.  You can see this message come to life from the amenities offered, the cozy, home-like feeling when you walk into each cottage and the sense of community intentionally created throughout the property.


These pet friendly cottages have anywhere from one to three bedrooms, all of which have privacy in their backyard from a private balcony to a fenced-in yard consisting of patio space and astroturf. Capstone’s decision to use turf instead of traditional sod again shows the value of their message and how they are offering the space and privacy of owning a home with the amenities and ease of a traditional apartment setting.  Can you imagine living in a community with a 24-hour fitness center and clubhouse, a resort-style pool, a bark park for your pets and conference rooms to get work done or hold meetings? (I know, I’m ready to put my house on the market now, too!) 

I found the interior design and style within these homes to be incredibly beautiful, that it made me start to wonder about the designer and her vision. Thankfully, The Cottages Tradition was able to get me in touch with designer ‘Shelly Orr Interiors,’ so we could learn where her inspiration came from!  Her intent and overall vision were to create a unique space that felt casual and comfortable. When discussing the “why” behind the style she went with, she expressed how the purpose was to make each visitor immediately feel at home in each room, while also showcasing elements of design & decor that add functionality to the areas. While having the opportunity to talk to the incredibly talented designer, I asked if she had any pointers for our readers when designing their homes. She let us in with a great tip, stating “Layering various textiles against a bright, crisp background softens a space! Use rugs, drapery, throw blankets, throw pillows, and bedding of various textures and patterns to enhance your home making it a relaxing retreat appealing to both you and your guests.”

In addition to everything The Cottages Tradition offers, their atmosphere is geared towards family and belonging. The Property Manager, Jessica Swords, expressed her delight of their new community when stating, “From the moment you enter our Cottage Community, you are greeted as family and treated as such. We want every resident to love coming home every day and genuinely enjoy where they live. Our long term goal is to create a strong sense of community and lasting relationships within Port Saint Lucie.”

Another important aspect to The Cottages Tradition is the way they give back to the community they’re in. They actively stay involved with community outreach sponsoring lunches or meetings and working with the police department, first responders, schools, St. Lucie Mets, and more. They want to ensure everyone feels like they’re a part of the community, and much more than another apartment complex. They’re putting their footprints in the community, and are here for the long run! The next time your friend or family member is telling you that they’re unsure where to move, hopefully you know where you plan on sending them!

The Cottages Tradition; built with nothing but the best in mind for the residents to make it feel like home. 

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