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An Out of This World Nursery That Love Built

'We Love You To The Moon and Back'

Article by Melissa B Rodgers

Photography by MBR Domestic Styling, Jenineevingerphotography

I am sure we all have a friend, family member, co-worker, or maybe even yourself that has gone through the painful expensive journey of fertility issues. My husband and I had a few years of miscarriages, surgeries, a dozen or so doctor visits, hormone ups and downs, etc...

For some of us bringing a baby into this world is a challenge to say the least. You spend all those years in your 20's trying to prevent pregnancy, and you never expect it to be a struggle when you are ready.

Today I want to tell you an amazing story behind this nursery.  It's a story that many can relate to and even if you were lucky enough to have a drama free pregnancy and delivery, I am sure you can empathize. It's a lengthy one but stick with me it has the best ending! 

Our dear friends and neighbors have been trying for 10 years to have a baby.  It's been years of doctors (western and holistic), expensive drugs, hysterectomy, several almost adoptions, multiple invasive surgeries, and enough tears to fill a swimming pool. 

It was heartbreaking to watch this beautiful couple be let down over and over.

I seriously can't think of two people more equipped to become parents. He is a speech-language pathologist and owns and runs a successful business providing services to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and various developmental delays. He is also a very talented musician and one of the kindest humans on the planet.

She is a labor and delivery nurse. This chic has devoted her life to ensuring babies and moms have safe and healthy deliveries. Can you imagine going to work everyday delivering babies to mothers that are addicted to drugs, women who didn't even try to get pregnant, and have to bury your own sadness after being told you will never be able to give birth or carry a baby? Uggg... Like most women she is not aware of how strong and selfless she really is.

Next step...adoption. For a few short months they were asked by a young mom to adopt her unborn baby girl. Mom changed her mind.

After receiving the news that yet another adoption had fallen through they headed to a local adoption agency to turn in their paperwork and go "live." Two hours later they received a call that there was a newborn baby boy that needed a family and birth mom loved their profile.

They hit it off with the birth mom and instantly fell in love with this sweet baby boy. 

Wednesday morning my husband and I received a text from my friends saying they needed to chat asap. I put on a pot of coffee while they were sharing the unexpected but spectacular surprise. I hand everyone their cup of coffee when he says 'that's really good coffee'. I say ' it's my favorite...Camerons.' They instantly had a look of shock and started laughing...that was one of the final names they had for baby boy. It's kismet and proof that coffee is life!

This couple had been through hell and back for 10 years trying to get a baby so I was on a mission to make this the most special nursery that baby Cam could grow into for many moons.

Birth mom is a Star Trek fan so this room is a nod to her and her selfless gift she was giving to our friends. It is also a perfect fit for the mother adopting, as her favorite colors to decorate with are navy and mustard. I called in a few favors and rallied our friends to donate money to fund the room. Sweet Cameron was going to be in the NICU for a week so with that I had a week to hit up everyone they knew for cold hard cash. With $800 and one week we pulled together a nursery that was out of this galaxy.

They already had basic white @ikea furniture and a white crib but for the rest I had to get creative and really stretch a dollar. I painted the outer area of both sets of drawers navy and spray painted the knobs gold. I would of liked to of purchased different hardware but sometimes a galaxy mobile takes precedent.

The galaxy wall was painted navy and I splattered metallic gold paint pen all over it. Imagine the artist Jackson Pollock and that completes your galaxy wall tutorial. This technique was started completely by an accident when I realized the amount of time it would take me to carefully paint each gold star on the wall. I love them dearly but I also wanted to finish this project before Cameron goes off to college.

The moon was done with plywood, painted grey, and layered several different shades of greys and navy for the craters for a very realistic look. We added rope lights on the back and put it on a dimmer switch to give many glowing options for baby Cam. 

I am so incredibly proud of this room and not just because it is out of this world. It was made with a village of love and friendship. 

Update: It has been a year since baby Cameron arrived to his home. He is the smartest, happiest, laid-back, want to eat his cheeks off baby boy. Everyone is doing great and officially adopted Cam back in the spring. Cam's parents are exhausted, aged a little more, have less money, but so incredibly happy.

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