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Benjamin Zeller, owner of West Springfield’s A to Z Moving & Storage

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Making Moving an Easy and Stress-Free Process

A to Z Moving & Storage guarantees your items will be delivered with care

It’s not uncommon for Benjamin Zeller, owner of West Springfield’s A to Z Moving & Storage, to post moving tips on his personal and business social media accounts. After all, Benjamin has been in the business for years. Benjamin took over A to Z Moving & Storage, begun in 1985 by his father, Robert Zeller, something he said he was destined for after watching and learning how to run the business. “Now that I’m walking in his footsteps, I can’t picture doing anything different,” Benjamin says.

“We like to provide valuable things other than just a price estimate,” Benjamin says of coaching potential customers through the tips that accompany a price quote from the company. He says they often move families as far as the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania; primarily customers are on the East coast — and also beyond.

The company offers 26-foot or smaller moving trucks for mostly residential and commercial needs. One of the customer perks of working with the company is the “exclusive and expedited services” the business provides. “We have guaranteed pickup and delivery dates for long-distance moving,” Benjamin says. “Customers have a guaranteed truck.”

Benjamin identified a problematic issue in the moving industry: items being lost or missing — an important reason his company does not subcontract their work out to anyone and employs their own in-house movers. “They’re our trucks, our people,” he explains. “You should confirm you have a moving company, not a broker, not some Craigslist people,” he says, adding, “Be sure to always get a certificate of insurance from potential movers.”

In one of his recent Facebook posts, Benjamin gently reminded his customers that people should remain mindful of where their children and pets are during a move, a process that can be overwhelming for many people.

“If animals or children are not supervised well on moving day, it can be kind of dangerous,” explains Benjamin, an animal lover himself and the owner of a Staffordshire bull terrier named Queen. He also offers many other tips for people who are planning a move, including DIY packing tips, questions to ask a moving company before hiring it, and the many things to consider on a moving checklist.

In terms of the storage arena, A to Z Moving & Storage maintains bonded storage facilities where customers make an appointment to obtain items in storage and are escorted by an employee in what Benjamin explains is a “climate-controlled and secured area,” noting that this service is primarily for people in transit who are buying homes and have to wait to move in.

A to Z Moving & Storage recently did some of their own moving in February when the company relocated to Chapin Street after previously being on Union Street for over 25 years. Benjamin says the landlord needed the building back for other purposes, but gave him and his company ample notice to relocate, and Benjamin seized an opportunity to purchase a building for A to Z Moving & Storage.

A self-described transitional specialist, Benjamin recently earned his real estate license so he could be an asset in multiple ways for the transitions in people’s lives and “not only provide moving services.” A to Z Moving & Storage is located at 41 Chapin Street; call 413.736.4440 or email

“One customer perk of working with A to Z Moving & Storage is our exclusive, expedited service — we have guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.”

  • Benjamin Zeller, owner of West Springfield’s A to Z Moving & Storage
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