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A Valentine's Gift Guide

Gifts your significant other will actually use and love!

This year we are leaving the cheesy and useless gifts behind and getting our partners something they will actually use and love. I have prepared the ultimate gift guide that has something everyone would love at any price point. Of course, it doesn't hurt to grab some flowers and chocolates too! 

1. MIDO HOUSE Checkerboard Blanket:

The softest and cutest blanket ever! I received this for Christmas, and it is one of my favorite gifts. This blanket is softer than the Barefoot Dreams (if you know, you know). It comes in seven colors, so it's an excellent gift for snuggling. 

2. BruMate: 

This insulated can cooler, or a "can coozie," will keep any drink nice a cold! The perfect gift for someone who loves the outdoors, tailgating, or the beach. 

3. BRONAX Cloud Slippers: 

I will live and die by these slides. Both my husband and I have them, and we wear them every single day. They are beyond comfortable and come in tons of colors. This is an excellent gift for anyone!

4. TheraGun Mini:

A massage gun that is perfect for anyone and anywhere! Everyone knows about the TheraGun, but the mini is the way to go. These are great to use after the gym, with stiff muscles and long car rides. Compact and easy to hold, you can massage your loved one anywhere. 

5. Sol de Janeiro - Cheirosa 62:

A beautiful body spray that she will love (and you will too)! Every girl can use more perfume, and this one is very affordable. The great thing about this perfume is it's a body spray, so you don't have to feel guilty about using it daily.

6. Silk Pillowcase:

Girl or guy, your hair and skin will love this. Silk pillowcases are luxury without the cost. Silk is a cleaner sleep surface than cotton, which will help your skin. They will also create less friction which will prevent skin irritation and hair damage. I promise your loved one will love these! 

7. Ice Roller and Gua Sha:

Every girl will love this gift, especially if she loves skin care. This is great for reducing puffiness, skin irritation, and even migraine relief. I use my ice roller every morning, especially early mornings, and it helps wake me up in the most refreshing way. It takes the puffiness out of my eyes and soothes my skin. In addition, I use my Gua Sha every day in the shower to help tone my face and drain my lymphatic system and sinuses. Guy or girl, everyone should work these two items into their routine. 

8. Shea Moisture Hair Masque:

Every girl needs a hair masque! This masque is for a deep treatment, which helps repair dry or damaged hair. These are great to use after getting your hair colored or using a lot of heat and product on your hair. Plus, if you pair this with a few of the other recommended items, she can treat her shower like a spa. 

9. Apple Air Tag:

Does your partner constantly lose their keys, wallet, or phone? Apple Air Tags are the perfect solution. Once paired with your iCloud account, you can find any item you attach an air tag on right from your phone. These also work great if your items are stolen, you can track them down, or at least their last location. 

10. Thrive Men's Skin Care Box: 

I gave this to my husband and two brothers from Christmas; it was a huge hit! They all love the products and said they would continue to buy from them. It's just as important for men to have a skincare routine as it is for women. Self-care is vital for all of us, and this gift box is a great starting point.  

11. Cremo Mens Cologne:

With over 25 thousand reviews on Amazon, this cologne is a winner. My husband has been wearing Cremo brand cologne for a few years and has loved every scent he has ever tried. Every woman wants their man to smell amazing, and I'm here to tell you this does the trick! Whether it's to wear to work or out on a date, you both will love this brand. 

  • BRONAX Cloud Slippers
  • BruMate
  • MIDO HOUSE Checkerboard Blanket
  • Ice Roller and Gua Sha
  • TheraGun Mini
  • Sol de Janeiro - Cheirosa 62
  • Silk Pillowcase
  • Shea Moisture Hair Masque
  • Apple Air Tag
  • Thrive Mens Skin Care Box
  • Cremo Mens Cologne