3 Remote Island Adventures

Explore Saba Island, the Faroe Islands + the Subantarctic Islands

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Picture yourself sitting in a hammock beneath the shade of a palm tree, fruity cocktail in hand. Now get that image out of your head. And imagine the opposite island experience. 

These three remote islands are adventure travel at their finest. Sherry Ott of travel blog @ottsworld has been wandering the world for more than a decade, and shares her experiences visiting these unique destinations. 

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Don’t go to Saba Island in the Caribbean

If you’re looking for a beach, tall buildings or cruise ships, don’t head to Saba Island. On the other hand, if your kind of paradise involves one road, world class diving, hiking through a rain forest, dry forest and coastal tide pools (on the same hike), and having locals teach you how to make glass beads and jewelry—well you might want to book a ticket... 

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5 Unique Experiences on the Faroe Islands

It’s true that sheep outnumber people here—and they dot the beautiful landscape as they teeter on cliffs and perch on rooftops. Yet those who do live there welcome visitors to dine at their tables and experience their local culture. (The Faroese phrase “heimablídni” means “home hospitality”). There’s also bird watching, seawater lagoons and the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Don’t leave without a hand-knit sweater. 

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4 New Zealand Islands You've Never Heard of But Should Explore 

The Subantarctic Islands are rugged, cold, stormy and mostly uninhabited by humans—which happens to their draw. They are home to an abundance of wildlife such as penguins, sea lions and elephant seals. Be prepared for serious trekking through caves and hidden coves, and take in this pristine environment that few people get to see. 

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