Sending College Care Packages

Agawam Pack & Ship will get your student's care packages sent quickly and securely

With back-to-school time approaching, plan your care packages for the college students in your life. Agawam Pack & Ship at 417 Springfield Street in Agawam, in business for more than 30 years, changed ownership in September 2017 to brothers Alan and Richard Cohen and is a convenient location to ship care packages. “Richard and I both retired from our career jobs and felt we needed something to stay busy,” says Alan. “It’s been a wonderful experience and has kept us extremely busy and satisfied.”

The business offers UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL packing and shipping; copying, faxing, scanning, and emailing; mailbox rentals, stamps, secure paper shedding, notary public services, fingerprinting, and more, all at competitive prices.

“Alan and I pride ourselves on providing caring service to all our customers, no matter how small or how large their needs,” says Alan. “We’re different because we’re privately owned and operated, and not dictated by corporate rules. For instance, we don’t charge for taping a pre-labeled package or assisting customers with packing and boxing.”

Care packages, especially during those first few “homesick weeks” of the semester, are welcome. You can also send items your student forgot to bring on move-in day. If your student has a special event you can’t attend, a gift lets them know you’re thinking of them from afar. And of course, midterm and final exam times are stressful; care packages with food and items that make studying more fun show your support.

Homemade cookies are a perennial favorite, while snack foods are helpful for busy students. You can purchase single-serving snacks such as protein bars, chips, and candy bars, make trail mixes with nuts and dried fruits and portion into single servings in zip-seal bags, or send beverage items such as teas, cocoas, and coffee pods.

Laundry pods and fabric softener sheets, plus a stain-remover pen, get laundry done easily. Sending toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, first aid items, and over-the-counter pain and allergy medications ensures that your student is stocked up.

Study supplies such as highlighters, paper clips, staples, sticky notes, notebooks, and writing implements are great to include in a care package. Including a card too is a great way to say “I love you.”

Holiday decorations, string lights, posters, framed family photos, and plush throw blankets make dorm rooms cheerful. Cleaning supplies keep rooms fresh and clean, so consider sending cell phone and computer screen cleaner, general purpose cleaner, microfiber cloths, and disposable dusters.

Call 413.789.1023, email info@AgawamPackAndShip.com, or visit agawapackandship.com to learn more.

Tips for Sending College Student Care Packages

Homemade Cookies

Nothing says “love” like homemade cookies. A tin from the dollar store protects baked goods, and bubble wrap and/or packing peanuts prevent cookies from crumbling. Expedited shipping keeps baked goods fresh  — tell your student to expect their package and pick it up ASAP.

Personal Care & First Aid

Over-the-counter medications are fine to send, but check to see which prescription medications cannot be shipped. Tighten lids on liquids, and use appropriate taping and packing methods to prevent leakage.

Single-Serving Snacks & Drinks

Purchasing or making single-portion, grab-and-go snacks is a great way to ensure your student has food in their backpack for busy times. Tell them that food is on the way so they pick up their package in a timely manner. Pack snacks and items like cocoa, tea, and coffee pods in sturdy packaging to prevent damage.

Laundry & Cleaning Supplies

Let’s keep it clean! Securely tighten and tape lids on any liquid items, and pack laundry pods in metal tins or sturdy cardboard boxes, buffered with bubble wrap and/or packing peanuts.

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