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Tying in our November theme of "Thankful", I'd like to share the story of American Veteran Power Washing Services.  A few months ago we heard about a story that happened in our community. An elderly woman who had just lost her husband had received notices from her HOA to fix her driveway or else she’d be fined and potentially evicted.  She reached out to the community requesting help in the services, and Chris Brignano, the owner of American Veteran Power Washing, reached out to complete the service free of charge to help someone in need. He bought the materials and tools needed and did the job immediately.  Later, the woman tried paying him once she had the funds, which he would not accept. 

This story touched our hearts. It’s so nice to hear positive stories happening, especially when it’s so close to home.  After further speaking to Chris about this story, I was able to learn more about his business as a whole.  The Army Veteran opened his business about four years ago, providing services throughout the Treasure Coast. Within a short four years, he has managed to grow his business to go way beyond power washing.  They’re a one stop solution for pretty much any outdoor needs from soft washing, to paver cleaning & sealing, to exterior painting and stain work for both commercial and residential properties.  Maintaining all 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp, the service he provides goes above getting a job done.

Chris is a Florida native, born and raised locally! He currently has a five month old baby, Hunter Adam, with his wife of many years, Jessica. Growing up, he helped his father with his tree business and would help power wash and maintain the equipment. As a young kid, he started offering power washing driveways to neighbors around town to make some extra money.  Later in life, after he finished serving in the military, he had a couple of different jobs until he decided it was time to start something for himself and his family.  Realizing the experience and enjoyment he had in power washing and multiple other outdoor jobs, he decided to start his own business. He has since grown a team under him, all of which are fire fighters, helping support and employ our local first responders. 

Many people nowadays choose services based on relationships. Being able to have trust and comfort in someone to use them frequently is much easier than using someone once, not being satisfied and starting your search all over again.  With American Veteran Power Washing, his customers are repeat customers.  He strives to build relationships to assist in multiple projects and provide them with comfort every time they call and need a job done. Chris says “I provide free estimates, quality products, and service delivered. I talk to my homeowners throughout the process to keep them informed and don’t leave them in the dark. I splurge for the right products, I ensure there are no chemicals to affect anything on your property, and I definitely spray and protect your vegetation!” 

He once received a call from a construction company at 5pm for an emergency power washing for the next day. Chris and his team got there and worked until 3:30am that night, ensuring they didn’t leave until the job was completed and they were confident in their work. This is the service that they are known for and strive to provide; reliability, dependability, and honesty. Port Saint Lucie has hundreds of power washing companies in the area.  (You read that right, hundreds!) So, we can understand how overwhelming it may be when you need services. Comparing each company, reading reviews, getting estimates, the list goes on.  Hopefully we’re able to avoid that for you, and make your decision simple. American Veteran Power Washing will stand behind his service, beliefs, and products to give you top quality finished projects. Don’t keep putting off that job you’ve been wanting done.  Get your free estimate today and check them out.  https://veteranpowerwashingservices.com/

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