An Artist's Dream

Welcome to a delightful Dellagio Canvas of Art and Home

In true Florida fashion, this home at The Residences at Dellagio, designed by Park Square Homes, enjoys an equal balance of outdoor lifestyle as well as indoor entertainment. It boasts playful and inviting spaces that scream both sunshine and tranquility! In its completely private outdoors, a group of family and friends often enjoy quiet afternoons - cocktails in hand - as a nice roast is prepared in a perfectly complete and gourmet outdoor kitchen. All while jazzy or tropical sounds play in the expansive complete home sound system. Palm trees sway as the warmth is soothed by the river like, in ground, jetted spa - also a perfect oasis for the occasional chilly nights. With just a simple switch, a luxury lit hot tub is sure to be enjoyed by all. 

1. LIVING SPACE - expansive sitting options invite you to stare at the in wall electric fireplace, as the colorful flames flicker back and forth, giving a sense of calm and respite. There is also a small separate terrace just outside the living room, perfect to catch up on a few pages of a great book! This home is well appointed with lighting in every nook and corner, while also employing all the best that energy efficiency has to offer.

2. KITCHEN & DINING - a luxurious combination where there is enough seating for up to 12 guests, with an island worthy of spreads of fig, almonds and cashews, blocks of cheese and every wine varietal. Just say the word, and I am in! The custom white cabinetry allows for a display of orchestrated china, with its see through doors in most uppers, and an exquisite mosaic tile design, that adorns the entire kitchen's back wall. If a nightcap is the order of the night, just beyond the kitchen, there is a separate and custom bar area with a built in commercial ice maker and wine fridge. Just say ahhhhh!

3. WALL MOUNTED ELECTRIC FIREPLACE - a blend of artistry, technology and craftsmanship, the LED flame technology creates the illusion of a true fire. As a green alternative, it is very economical to operate, without harmful particulates or emissions. It features a glass ember bed, which creates a contemporary alluring effect. The best part - it has a convenient easy to use on/off remote for control at your fingertips!

4. JUST WHEN YOU NEED AN EXPERT - as luck would have it, this home has been entrusted to Lorraine Emmanuelli, independent luxury homes Realtor and owner of I Love Orlando Realty, as it has been made available for sale in this very unique and niche market. This home will not last long! If you love it and are interested, reach out to her at 407.953.2440, for all the details.

5. UPSTAIRS BILLIARD ROOM - complete with stereo tempos and equally robust flooring, this billiards room is upstairs, and separate from the main living areas. There is plenty of elbow room to set up a precise cue, and just away enough to let the ladies run wild downstairs, leaving the "gents" to enjoy a much needed and fierce game of pool.

6. LEOPOLDO WALLIS - all of this home's art pieces are from this accomplished Venezuelan artist. Leopoldo masters a dimensional depth, turning each piece into an exquisite work of personal projection of color and space. To learn more, visit leopoldowallisartist.com. 

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