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An Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Nurseries


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

If you want to design a baby room with modern decor that will be able to find a home in other parts of your house as your child gets older, the farmhouse trend is a great way to go. Below is everything you need to get started planning your nursery, from inspirational room designs to shopping guides.

Design a Farmhouse-Style Nursery

Neutral-colored nurseries that have a more grown-up aesthetic are becoming more and more popular. When you are a mom, you want to feel comfortable in the nursery that you will be spending so much time in. Why not design it to fit your taste? If you are into the farmhouse-style trend, here are some design tips and nursery inspiration, plus a baby furniture shopping guide.

Farmhouse Nursery Wall Decor

Decorating a nursery is so fun because you get to pick out all of the sweet, innocent images of cute animals and beautiful flowers. If you are doing a farmhouse-style nursery, you'll want to find adorable decor that still fits your modern chic furniture. Here are some wall decorations you can check out.

Farmhouse Baby Bedding from Caden Lane

Oh baby, your farmhouse nursery is coming along great. So you have the furniture, decor and baby supplies. But don't forget that the bedding you choose can enhance your theme as well! These bedding options are absolutely perfect, and some allow for name personalization too. Click the links to shop.

A Sophisticated Gender Neutral Baby Room

There are tons of reasons you may want a gender neutral baby room. Maybe you're having twins, and they are different genders. (Congrats!) Maybe you're waiting to be surprised when your baby is born. Or maybe you're just not super into bright colors. Fletcher's Modern Farmhouse Nursery from Caden Lane is a charming and cozy nursery with calming neutral colors.

A Sweet Baby Girl Farmhouse Nursery

If you're expecting a baby girl, I'm sure you're already making plans to spoil her like crazy. Girls are so fun to shop for, but sometimes there are also just too many choices! If you need a nursery plan to keep you grounded, try this adorable design from Caden Lane. It's full of cuteness and Southern charm.

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