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A live photo shoot turns into surprise marriage proposal

The fact is we need a cover every month, and this is how it all started! A simple conversation with a very talented photographer, Kristina Bozanich, owner and creative mastermind behind Bozanich Photography, turned into a live photo shoot and marriage proposal. All synchronized in perfect harmony for our February “Local Love” theme. Truth is we wanted something different and extravagant, and in some mysterious way, captured in bold imagery. Part of the discussed logistics was the fact that we had to shoot in December and in the midst of the holiday season. And that’s when Kristina suggested Spectacle.


Spectacle is a monthly LIVE series for members and spectators in the community of South Orlando. The event is a pop-up photoshoot that spontaneously appears and disappears somewhere in the area. Working with local businesses and vendors, Bozanich Photography presents the LIVE series on social media, followed by the astounding results in images in less than a week. For weeks, the event is announced with teasing tips of what the show will be about, leaving just enough to still enjoy an element of surprise. We encourage you to check out and relive past Spectacle events like Batman vs. Joker, Loki in The Void, Vampire Tea Party, and of course, ours at

With planning underway, we themed it “Pop for Love”, giving us the framework to build upon. Initial conversations drafted plans for shooting at a local children hospital’s parking lot, to drone filming of a heart shaped by people, to a bed of roses, to popping make up sessions, to models and much more. This is what happens when you put passionate creative minds thinking and planning in the same room! All ideas sound great, yet ping pong with changes several times before a final one is agreed upon. And then, it hit! The way to have the greatest impact and the amount of people who would enjoy the live show, was to collaborate with others. Together with the Crema de Nona networking group’s Christmas event, we ensured to have a crowd. As the group was also collecting toys for children of two local non-profits, this was a big win! Migdalia Maldonado from Feed and Fortify, one of the non-profits benefiting expressed, 

"We fortify talents helping children and young people to develop the potential that God has placed in them."

To further our popping theme, we set up our backdrop of balloons, courtesy of 4partycorp; keeping the hues to reds, whites and silver to blend well with our Christmas event. Local business owners and City Lifestyle South Orlando partners filled up the room, unsuspecting of what was about to take place. 

Just as planned, our hired talent and stunning model, Thandi Ogbonna, walked in the room, following a short introduction by Kristina and City Lifestyle as cameras rolled live for both Instagram and Facebook audiences. As props, we brought in pop-up greeting cards, that turned into a perfect segway to introduce our cards for troops!

Every year there are countless troops who spend holidays away from home. As part of our event, we committed to personalize, sign and send 100 holiday greeting cards to soldiers all over the world, hoping to pop some love to our troops and a bit of home for the season. This was an activity enjoyed by many while the photo shoot was going strong. We are thankful to the CardHugs volunteer group for working with us for this mission! 


In hopes to seal our Spectacle event with flashing lights, Kristina and we searched far and wide for a couple about to engage. The task was greater, as we had to make sure that the groom would assure us that the bride-to-be would be okay with a very public live streamed proposal. We could not be happier with the couple we found! 

Throughout the evening we had asked many guests to help us hold props around our model for shots. All were happy to engage with the event and made for a very natural ask of our couple to help us with one last shot. As we posed and aligned Lyndsey Welch in front of our balloon wall and facing the crowd, we squeezed her beau Robert Masini behind her who quickly got down on one knee while holding a frame that read “Will you be mine forever?” We turned Lyndsey around, and there he was! Congratulations Lyndsey and Robert! May your love live on for always, and may our Spectacle be one of your greatest and lasting memories…

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