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A&S Tires Plus serves all makes of vehicle.

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A&S Tires Plus Serves Customers with Integrity and Dedication

Family Inspires Armando Ruiz's Agawam Auto Service Shop

Armando Ruiz has automotive service in his blood. The owner of A&S Tires Plus knew from his earliest days that he would own his own business. The accomplishments of his father, who owned a service shop, and his uncles helped him form his own vision of success. “The dream was to have a family business… My dad gave me exposure to the auto service industry and helped my business savvy as well…I wanted to follow in his footsteps, but I saw an even bigger vision,” says Armando.  

Since opening on St. Jacques Avenue in Agawam in 2017, A&S Tires Plus has continued to thrive and grow thanks to Armando’s dual focus on industry currency and customer service. A&S is a full-service automotive repair shop. Tire sales are just one aspect of what the shop offers. Detailing, brakes, and engine repair are among the services A&S provides.

Respect for his customer’s time and money are the basis for Armando’s business philosophy. “We try to make people educated consumers,” says Armando. “We want to show you transparency.” All services come with a visual inspection, video, and photo assessment. “We offer a dealer experience without the dealer price tag,” says Armando, noting that a free car wash and shuttle service are part of the service. 

It’s always been vehicles for this Springfield native. “I have always loved cars and everything about them – I love being able to work on my own vehicle. If it weren’t cars, it would be business for me. I always have had a passion for business and entrepreneurship – building something from nothing,” he says.

“When I first started, I was doing a lot of the work, but as we have grown, I have passed on my standards and principles to my team, ensuring that my employees are holding up those standards. Now I’m more focused on the customer side of things,” he says. “I want customers to experience something they’ve never experienced before.” He points out that a fair price for service is only part of what makes up a great customer experience. Armando also prioritizes respect for the customer’s time and their happiness with the communication and transparency of the repair process. "Clear communication is the foundation of trust and rapport," says Armando. "I want to focus on building solid relationships and forming trust with our customers."

The inspiration for the integrity and drive that fuel the business comes from Armando’s family. In addition to his own dad, he had two uncles who took an interest in his development as a young man and whose thriving careers whetted his own appetite for success. 

Personal development is another area that is a priority for Armando. The teachings of business leaders such as Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and Henry Ford have been instructive and inspiring. “Anyone who was financially successful in the industry and left behind clues – I was interested in that information and still am,” notes Armando.

Ultimately, pride in the reputation and standards of A&S Tires Plus is what matters most to this business owner. "Quality service at competitive pricing. We live by that."

  • Detailing work is a one of A&S Tires Plus's specialties.
  • Tires are just one component of the business.
  • Engine work is handled with care.
  • Armando Ruiz on the job.
  • Armando is involved of all aspects of the work.
  • Lead technician Robert Munet.
  • A&S Tires Plus serves all makes of vehicle.