Art, Music Inspire Colorful Lake Latowana Home

Tour the Interior of This Boldy Redecorated House

Article by Melissa B Rodgers

Disclaimer: There will be a lot of bright colors, lots of pattern, and we may have broken a few design rules. You have been warned!

When I met with one of my favorite clients, Traci for our first design consultation it came up that her and her husband Joe are music geeks. I knew immediately that I was in good company as I too am a self proclaimed music geek. Joe is a talented musician and a die hard Widespread Panic fan. He travels the country to see them and has been collecting the band’s posters for years. To say the least, they are legit music geeks. This common passion gave us real inspiration for this project. 

The Before

  • image%2057-300?v=1

The After

  • image%2058-300?v=1

I found Joe's collection hidden away in a closet. These posters are too magical and colorful; they should never be rolled up and stored in a box for years. Ahem, Joe, Joseph... Joe was a little hesitant about me messing with his prized possessions, but after a little coaxing I convinced him they needed to be displayed—living out their true life's purpose, and making my designs look good. 

Once I started going through them I realized they had be the inspiration and backdrop for this whole house. So without further ado ... welcome to a happy lake house filled with turquoise doors, bold statement wallpapers, kick-A artwork and all the colors of the rainbow. 

  • image%2059-300?v=1

Traci and Joe are a creative colorful couple that gave me the freedom to really play with a lot of the crazy ideas floating around in this noodle of mine. That freedom allowed me to employ three of my favorite design philosophies:

  • Just because everyone else is going in one direction doesn’t mean you should, too.

  • Everyone could be wrong. 

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks in every aspect of your life, including decorating. 

Decorating your home should be fun and a representation of the people living it. No two of us are the same, so why should your home be.

Inspiration photos should be just that … inspiration, not a carbon copy. So if you want to paint the stair railing in ombré of blues … do it! It’s just paint. 

  • image%2060-300?v=1
  • image%2061-300?v=1

For the stair railing we used a variation of the Benjamin Moore Jamaican aqua blue used on all the interior doors. 

  • image%2062-300?v=1

Switching out the three basic pendants over the island with capiz pendants was a simple way to add a lake house/beach house vibe. They look extra when the sun hits them at certain times of the day. 

  • image%2063-300?v=1

The living space is so large and open I needed a way to separate the space;  place to eat and a place to lounge while still keeping the open concept feel. The way I achieved that was by adding two coordinating rugs. One for under the dining table and one for on the living side. It worked out so well that you have to look close to see that they are not two of the same rug. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous about how this was going to work considering I only saw them online. Imagine my excitement when I rolled these two out and saw the magic happen right before my eyes. They are both so wonderfully vibrant and make anyone smile every time they walk across them.

  • image%2064-300?v=1

Why I chose ghost chairs for the eating space? You can't cover up the fantastic patterns and vibrant colors going on in these rugs. The customizable table from Mitchelle Gold Bob Williams was the perfect size for this space and will serve as a classic piece to use for years to come. 

My client’s love of music, art and Widespread Panic, coupled with a passion for color and patterns, inspired this entire home. So you better believe I ran with it and went balls to the wall on the rest of the home. 

Be sure to check back for more tours of this vibrant lake house. We still have bathrooms, guest rooms, and a lake view deck to show off.

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