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Back To School Craft Bundle

The summer has come and gone in a flash and the bitter-sweetness of back to school time is here.  As parents, we adore the time we have with our kids but crave peace, quiet, and a clean house!  The new school year, class and routines can lead to some less than eager students—and let’s face it, its nerve-racking for us too.  Heavy on to-do lists and light on time, we need ways to encourage and motivate our kids for a fun year ahead.

Here’s some easy and budget-friendly ways to beat the back to school “scaries”, and get those little scholars excited for their first day.   Tag @portstluciecitylifestyle with your awesome artwork!

D.I.Y Piggy Bank

What’s better than a fun craft? A fun craft with purpose! Help your child learn the importance of saving money. Drop a dollar per day and by the end of the school year, they will have $180 for a fun summer adventure!


Recycled tissue box

Construction paper or styrofoam paper

Pipe cleaner 

2 black Pom poms or googly eyes 

Recycled cap or lid for nose


  1. Cut and glue paper to the tissue box on all sides, or, if using foam paper, simply stick and apply. Leave an opening on the top. 

  2. Cut out the ear shapes. Paste the inner ear on the outer ear and then glue it on the top of the box. Next, add the googly eyes or pom poms. 

3. Cover the recycled cap or lid with pink paper and glue it below the eyes. Cut and add two oval shapes for the nostrils. Lastly, poke a small hole in the back of the box for the tail, and feed the twirled pipe cleaner through the hole. Now you’re all set to bring home the bacon!

Mom Hack: Piggy banks don't have to be pigs! Dinos, unicorns, and turtles can save dollars too! Don't have a tissue box? Try cans, bottles, or jars. 

Back To School Flags

Soak up some more bonding time before you wave them off to learn. These flags are a cute and easy photo prop to make with your child for their first day.  Find the free printables on treasurecoastmom.com and print the grade that you need!



12 inch ruler

Hot glue gun + glue stick



Embellishments of your choice


  1. Go to Treasurecoastmom.com and find the grade you need. Print, cut and hot glue the back of the ruler onto the front of the flag. 

  2. Cut some ribbon about twice the length or the ruler and tie around it.  Add embellishments of your choice. That’s it—you’re ready to celebrate a fresh start!

Mom Hack: Make it custom! Whether it's mermaids or superheroes, decorate with your kiddos' interest in mind to cherish these years full of wonder.

School Bus Photo

Capture the sweetest of days with this adorable cut and paste craft. This one is very simple, even if D.I.Y isn’t in your wheelhouse. It can be turned into an ornament, magnet, or simply saved as a keepsake because well, before you know it, they’re off to college!


Foam paper (more durable than construction paper)



Your child’s photograph (time to put those phone pictures to use!)


  1. Go to Treasurecoastmom.com and print the bus template. You can free-hand this if you’d like! 

  2. Trace the template shapes over the corresponding colored paper labeled on the template.

  3. Cut out the shapes on the colored paper and start gluing in the numbered order. Glue a photo of your kid on the bus. Now, you’re on your way to a successful school year!

Mom Hack: 3-4 year olds can start learning to cut with kid's scissors. This is a great opportunity to practice these fine motor skills before school.

Treasure Coast Mom Blog is a community-driven parenting resource for local families, providing kid-friendly things to do, and more. 

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