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Article by Brenda Alicia Torres

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Brace yourself for a very heartwarming story!

House of Hope in Orlando, FL, is celebrating its 36th year of healing and restoring thousands of teens and families. In these 36 years, it is truly a miracle what God has done through prayers without any government funds.

The organization had hoped to host its 36th gala at The Country Club of Orlando, but because of COVID-19, they had to cancel such a meaningful event for the second year in a row. The teens remain on campus as they continue their schooling and counseling. And if you are reading this and find your soul moved, this is how you can help:

"You are cordially invited to the non-gala, as a celebration of House of Hope teens and their families."

Since many parents have lost their jobs, they are not able to financially support their teens while they are at House of Hope, and there is still a waiting list of teens who cannot afford tuition.

The non-gala guarantees you a night of not having to attend the annual dinner, as well as the satisfaction that your 100% tax deductible charitable contributions are helping restore many teens and families. By not attending what would have been the usual event, you will save yourself the cost of a ticket, the price of a cocktail dress or gentleman's suit you would have bought or rented, babysitter money, transportation, and the hassle of convincing someone to go with you. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a sweet and "Hopeful" deal!

Tune to the video below for an amazing testimonial by House of Hope Orlando's Executive Director, Angela Lloyd, as we also encourage you to enjoy reading a few more great stories right here.


Graduates (many in their 40s now) say they use the same parenting skills learned at House of Hope with their own children. Because of community prayers and support, they are now thriving Christian members of society changing this generation of teens.

Find it in your heart to RSVP to "NOT" attend this non-gala with your DONATION. Your non-attendance will be a double blessing, as you will get to stay home and spend more time with your family, while teens are being healed and families are being restored!

As a special gift for you, all donors will receive an 8x10 watercolor painting, signed and painted by one of the teenage residents, available for pickup at House of Hope Orlando, or mailed to you (mailing for out-of-state donors only, please).

House of Hope's Most Popular Sponsorships:

  • Diamond Sponsor - $20,000
  • Platinum Sponsor - $10,000
  • Gold Sponsor - $5,000
  • Silver Sponsor - $3,000
  • Bronze Sponsor - $1,250
  • Friends of HOH - any donation is LOVED

It is of no surprise why the late President Ronald Reagan fell in love with House of Hope; a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit sharing with the world as follows (click here to watch the video):

"The philosophy and example of House of Hope, which receives no government funds, needs to be shared across our nation. So thank you for being a safe haven of hope where the lives of teenagers are restored and healed." ~ President Ronald Reagan

South Orlando Lifestyle is proud to sponsor House of Hope Orlando for media, and coverage of its events. Stay tuned to future issues for this and the upcoming annual Fashion Show in the fall. Without you, House of Hope Orlando cannot help the teens who desperately need healing, love and HOPE!

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