The Failed Quest to Find a Mural

And how it not being found turned out to be good

Article by Brooke Robbins

Photography by Brooke Robbins

Treefort 2021, Boise Idaho— I had seen the “Perceive // Believe” Live Mural Painting on the schedule for a while and wanted to attend. Watching artists work is mesmerizing. Their movements are careful and deliberate. It becomes a trance, one where you don’t mind watching paint dry because you’re so fixated on how it’s being applied.

I tried to find where it was on my own initially using the maps app on my phone. But, the address I found directed me to Meridian. I asked a couple volunteers if they knew where it was—none of them had the exact answer, but rather a vague location. I set out to find it.


A video from inside Treefort taken during the search. Video: Brooke Robbins.

I walked around for a while looking for where the mural was being painted. My search took me away from where the main forts were. After a solid hour of searching, I couldn’t find it. However, along the way I found art that I wasn’t looking for: Treefort-themed painted windows outside downtown shops. The first one I noticed was at Art Source Gallery. The second at Guru Donuts.

Window art on Art Source Gallery and Guru Donuts. Photo: Brooke Robbins.

The third one was found at D.L. Evans Bank. This one in particular made me smile. It's hard to go wrong with a magic wizard frog and mushrooms combo. While none of these window paintings were an official part of Artfort, I felt that the art in these windows captured the excitement that surrounds Treefort in downtown Boise. I may not have been able to find the mural I was looking for, but I found some fantastic art along the way.

A wizard frog surrounded by mushrooms on the D.L. Evans bank window. Photo: Brooke Robbins.

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