July 2021 Calendar Wallpapers


Article by Audrey Kuether

Photography by Audrey Kuether

Summer is officially here and I can’t believe it’s already time for my FREE July 2021 calendar wallpapers!

This month I’m sharing 32 free and fun options in tons of fun of designs. I used photos I took on my travels to Palm Springs, London, and Sedona, and others are abstract art I’ve enjoyed creating. Plus there are beaches, pools, black and white pattern, Americana, Independence Day, fun walls, desert, floral, and more. Lots to choose from!

Check out the Sunday start options below for desktop. I also provide Monday start and no calendar options at the download link, which you can access below or by clicking the full size images. Check out my past wallpapers for all the past free no-calendar options that work year-round!

Click on any of the 32 desktop wallpaper images below for the free download link (takes you to all sizes and start date options). You can also click the linked download text below – whatever is easiest for you!

Download your favorite July 2021 wallpapers!

Don't forget...I also created 32 FREE July 2021 phone wallpapers in Monday starts! I offer Sunday starts and no-calendar options for these too - for both phone and desktop!



How to set up desktop background on a Mac

Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Desktop & Screen Saver. From the Desktop tab, select a folder of images on the left, then click an image on the right. Desktop & Screen Saver preferences window To add a folder of your own images, click the Add button below the list of folders. For more information about the settings in this window, click the question-mark icon in the corner of the window.

How to set up desktop background in Windows

The simplest way to set a picture as the desktop wallpaper is to open it so that you can see the image, and then right-click it to choose Set as desktop background. This option is also available when you right-click the picture file in Windows Explorer – you don’t even have to open the picture to set it as the desktop background.

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