Ask a Designer: Fall Trends in Interior Design

The experts at Mister Robert Fine Furnishings and Decor show off their favorite trends.

Mister Robert Fine Furniture and Design opened its doors on October 1, 1958, on Main Street in downtown Norman and remains family-owned and operated to this day. Occupying more than 20,000 square feet, you can find the best in fine furniture and home décor here. Visitors to Mister Robert find timeless style, quality craftsmanship, and unique pieces. Their team of professionals is ready to design your home or office uniquely for you. I recently asked each of them to share their current favorite trend in home design.

Emily Morgan, Designer
Bedrooms have typically taken the backseat when someone sets out to redesign their home. But lately we are seeing more and more clients wanting to emphasize their bedrooms. "One of my favorite trends is the upholstered bed. A great headboard and footboard can greatly dress up a room." The upholstered bed comes in many varieties and fits into a range of design styles. For example, a simple linen upholstered bed will give more of a traditional style, but adding a distressed wood trim can transform it into a French country style. Channeling adds a contemporary look to the bed while choosing a tufted headboard is going to emit the feeling of luxury. The height of the headboard will also make a difference when considering the piece's visual effect. A taller headboard is going to radiate a sense of opulence, while a shorter headboard would represent a more minimalistic style. Shape plays into the design too. From square to arched, to bevel, you can find just about any look you want. "The ability to customize an upholstered bed to your exact needs makes it an incredible option. Upholstered beds are a timeless trend that will elevate any bedroom design.

Keven Calonkey Carl, ASID, NCIDQ, Interior Designer
My favorite hot trend is the use of bold patterns and bright colors. Solid fabrics and the color gray have been popular for quite some time. Now color is all the rage. Bright, vivid colors, including pinks of all shades are continuing to grow stronger in their popularity and universal use. Greens, Blues, purples, and yellows are gaining momentum. We're seeing them in rugs, oil paintings, pillows, sofas, chairs, and even art. If one is hesitant to go bold on their sofa, they can add the color in the accent pieces.

If you have invested in the gray pallet, there is no need to fret. Beiges and grays are often blended now. It no longer must be either one or the other. Both are the perfect neutral background for vibrant colors.  Beige brings in the warmer tone that is now in high demand.

Bold patterns have taken over the use of the small motif.  Blending elements of classic design with a contemporary edge are fabulous when creating traditional with a twist. The exotic Tibetan tiger fabric is a multidimensional stripe on velvet.  It enhances a multitude of schemes from elegant to eclectic.

Layering pattern upon pattern, no matter how bold, is also hugely popular. "I love mixing and blending an array of bold patterns and bright colors. This allows for unique personal expression.  It also brings new excitement to what has been a monochromatic palette for so long."  

Cassidy Brunsteter, Allied ASID, Designer
If there is one texture that truly never goes out of style and can add opulence to any space, I’d say it is velvet! While velvet fabrics themselves are nothing new, the addition of velvets to an ever-growing spectrum of performance fabrics has opened a whole new world of options. The luxury and sophistication of velvet can now be used anywhere, even in outdoor settings. Velvet refers to the structure and weave of the fabric, so the look and feel can now be achieved using innovative, modern fibers. I love the trend of using performance velvets because they resist fading, crushing, stains, and withstand heavy use. This makes them an ideal and economical choice for any design.” One can find the perfect addition of velvet for their contemporary or traditional style home, as the array of color choices in performance velvets is endless. Family and pet-friendly fabric has never looked so elegant! As we have spent more time at home these last few months, we recognize the significance of having a home that provides comfort and livability. Performance velvets are the ideal choice for this all while exuding style. For this reason, I feel this new practicality in velvets is a style trend that is not going away anytime soon.

Lance Whitlow, Associate Designer
My favorite design trend of the moment is the use of the color green. I am seeing the introduction of new green fabrics, accessories, and furniture pieces in the lines of lots of different fabric houses and furniture companies. I find green to be a luxurious and soothing color. 

Green can be layered with numerous different colors and can act as a neutral for any space. The color can go with anything, whether it is traditional, contemporary, or any design style in between. I think that the color green’s versatility comes from its natural color since it is found so widely in nature. An example of this is thinking about flowers in a garden. Flowers can be almost any color you can imagine, and green always pairs so naturally with all the colors. I believe that it makes for successful design to bring a natural element into the design, and the color green is a perfect way to do that.

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