Creating a Cozy Home

The Importance of Soft Finishes

We all want our homes to feel cozy and comfortable. Soft finishes complete the home, making it more inviting. Items like throw blankets and accent chairs aren’t permanent, but these choices are important compliments to your tile, lighting, and paint colors.

Textiles are literally soft finishes; anything fabric or woven. These items set the mood for your home. Don’t be afraid to use different patterns in the same color scheme. You want pillows, throws, and drapes to accent your color pallet, without being distracting. The use of different textures will create depth and character in your home.

Accessories, like books, boxes, candlesticks, and vases are also soft finishes. The key to designing a space and making it your own is to layer your accessories. Add beads on top of some books. Use twigs or an olive branch to add height to a vase. Use your imagination to make it your own.

Obviously, furniture pieces are important soft finishes. Picking the right-sized furniture is essential in order to keep your home looking clutter free yet still feeling complete. Always measure before shopping. Be picky, and think through your spaces carefully before buying.

We all have a story to tell with our home design choices. Art helps you tell that story. Pick pieces that hold meaning for you and your family. Ideally, art creates a conversation or sparks a memory and can be admired for years. 

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