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Using Our Family's Adventures To Fuel Yours

Ballard Financial is a family-owned business where Chris Ballard, his wife Diana, two daughters Briana and Alexa, and niece Danielle work hard to give those planning on retiring, or who are already retired, the lives they’ve worked so hard to achieve. They believe retirement is where you get to relax and enjoy life without the responsibilities you had during the work years. “We are a family that grew up traveling and experiencing new things with each other. We wish to help our clients enjoy the same experiences we want in life.” -Chris Ballard

There are multiple baskets when it comes to retirement planning; one of the most important is called the Dream Basket. Ballard Financial uses this basket as a root to plan for retirement, by informing their clients on how much they can safely spend in their go-go years, without running out of money. Many people have a nest egg they’ve saved for retirement; when you retire, Ballard Financial teaches their clients how to crack the egg and enjoy what they’ve worked so hard to create.

Everyone is different and wants different things in retirement; the one thing we can all agree on though is that if you don’t have a plan, they may not be the best years of your life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to strengthen your minds as you join the road to retirement by helping you make better-informed decisions about your financial lives. We want to help protect your retirement assets, teach you how to minimize taxes and work to create a proper Retirement Roadmap to give you the freedom to enjoy retirement and achieve the goals you desire.

Become a Winner

Through Ballard Financials’ thirty-five years of experience, we have learned there are a handful of little-known, x-factors, which are critical to helping retirees be successful and put leverage in their favor. It is our goal in life to share these little-known facts and help you retire a winner and live rich.

Strong Within

One of Ballard Financial’s main values not only in the office but in life is to create memories and experiences for the loved ones around them.

"I love traveling around the world to experience and learn about different cultures. Enabling our clients to have the same opportunity makes what we do so special. " - Briana DeFano

“I know how much I love experiencing new things and traveling. Sharing those stories with our clients is why I’d love nothing more than to help them achieve their goals; so, I can listen to the stories they bring to the office.”        -Danielle Gass

Psychology of Retirement

Retirement is not always what people may have imagined. There can be some difficulties transitioning from leaving work to having unlimited free time on your hands; instead of feeling satisfied and relieved they are finally retired, many new retirees can feel lonely and useless. Some may go through grief when trying to accept the life they once had is over, and feel stressed about how they are going to fill in their free time. Studies have found that they may even develop mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. “The truth is that no matter how much you’ve been looking forward to it, retiring from work is a major life change that can bring stress as well as benefits. In fact, some studies have linked retirement to a decline in health.” (Adjusting to Retirement: Handling the Stress and Anxiety) There are steps to take in order to help plan for retirement not only financially, but mentally, and that is what Ballard Financial strives to reach with their clients.

Client Experiences


Susan has been a part of the Ballard Financial family for a few years now; she sought out the help of Chris when she was getting ready to retire and has lived her dream ever since. Retiring from Disney World, one of her goals was to travel to many different places around the world and experience the differences in culture, food, and environment. She loves exploring places she has seen on TV shows or even in her own backyard at Disney.

Venice, Italy is one of the places she strived to visit. “One of my favorite memories about Italy was being able to walk over the Venice bridge. Disney has a replica of it at Epcot, which I’ve walked plenty of times, but being able to experience the real thing was indescribable” -Susan

Not only has Susan been able to visit Italy, but she has gone on a Game of Thrones tour in Split, Croatia. For many of you Outlander fans, she also visited the Bakehouse Close which is an area they filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sonia and Freddie

Sonia and Freddie have been with Ballard Financial since early 2021 and have been living their dreams ever since. When they first met with Chris and Briana, they were asked what the purpose of their money was. Sonia replied she and Freddie wanted to travel to different places including Mexico(which was on their bucket list).

Sherri and Marie

Sherri is one of Ballard Financial’s long-time clients; she met the Ballard Financial family at a seminar and they have shared stories ever since. She loves traveling and enjoying her well-earned retirement by creating memories with one of her best friends Marie. “I love what Ballard Financial stands for, so I brought my friend Marie to a dinner seminar with me. She is now enjoying her retirement as much as I am thanks to Chris and his team’s hard work to put us on the right path in retirement.” -Sherri

Sherri and Marie have shared many memories together including enjoying their time at the Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida. “They have so much to experience including a petting zoo, picking your own citrus, a fun shop, and a beautiful bar with freshly made cocktails. - Marie

To learn more or set up an appointment with a licensed Agent call 352-404-9990 or visit www. BallardFinancial.com. 

“Growing up, I had the privilege of traveling all over the country and world with my family. I will never forget those memories and I want our clients to have the freedom to create their own.” - Alexa Ballard

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