Bath Bomb & Lip Balms

Mariah by Design gives back through her creations

Mariah Eggart loves her work. Her company, Mariah by Design, exploded into the bath-and-body scene a few years ago. Today, as business booms and her workload increases, she hasn’t lost any creative spark or enthusiasm. Of course, when your job involves crafting custom bath bombs, how could each day be anything but a blast?

From sugar scrubs and shower steamers to bath bombs and body butters, Mariah by Design products set themselves apart with one main ingredient: care. “Everything is handmade,” Mariah says. “I take so much pride in the ingredients I use. I wouldn’t put anything in them that I wouldn’t let my own children use, which is so important to me.”

Mariah’s passion for high-quality, customizable products has quickly made her a local favorite creator. As many customers have discovered, special requests are her bread and (body) butter. “I love taking special orders, especially for bridal showers,” she says. “People come to me with ideas, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I can do that. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I can do it.’”

This can-do attitude led to a best-selling product when Mariah’s friend sent her a photo of an essential oil called “Immunity Booster” and asked her to replicate the scent in a shower steamer. But friends and customers aren’t the only ones who push Mariah to innovate. “I’m always trying to create new products,” she says. “You don’t want to offer too many, because then it’s not as specialized, but I’m such a creative person that I’m always asking, ‘What else can I do?’”

Some of these creative pursuits take longer than others. “It took me four years to perfect my lip balm recipe,” Mariah says. “It wasn’t the consistency I wanted it to be; it has to glide on and set in, and you don’t want your lips to feel dry afterward. I was tweaking it one day, and I wondered what would happen if I added an extra little bit of cocoa butter. That did the trick. My oldest son was visiting at the time, and his friends were over for dinner. I told them, ‘Guess what, everybody. You all need to try this.’ So all these dudes love my lip balm now.”

Consistency is key—not only to a good lip balm, but also to Mariah’s vision for her company’s future. “I do see some new products down the road,” she says, “but I want to keep all the fan-favorites around, too.” A few of these favorites include shampoo and conditioner bars that last the lifetime of two to three traditional bottles with none of the plastic waste, as well as a new line of CBD body butter available at iDeal Naturals. Some of Mariah’s other products can be found at Ace Hardware, and customers can browse her full catalog online at

“There are a lot of great people who love supporting local creators,” Mariah says. “I love Billings for that. And I love supporting local, too. If I can make a spa box and incorporate someone else’s small business into my box, I’ll do that. That’s part of what my business is about: being able to give back.”

Inspired by her background as an educator, Mariah hopes to give back beyond the small business sphere in the future. “I have such a soft spot in my heart for kids,” she says. “But a lot of people focus on the littles, and they forget the middle schoolers and high schoolers. There’s a program at Senior High where they have a closet with extra clothes and school supplies. Within the next couple years, I want to be consistently helping with something like that. The more I grow in my success, the more I can do that.” Mariah’s generosity with her time and talent is evident in her work, and she states her guiding philosophy plainly as she adds, “You can’t always just keep.”

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