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Garden to Table: bud vases bring the outside in

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Beautiful Dining Rooms

Elegance, charm and coziness invite you to gather - and linger- at the table

Charleston Septembers are well known for their warm days and pink sunsets. They’re also known for high humidity, so it’s the perfect time to make our indoor dining rooms somewhere lovely to gather.

Putting fragrant lemons in a beautiful bowl makes the perfect summer centerpiece! They’re bright, easy to find and remind us of summer treats like lemonade - and when you’re making lemon bars or a gin martini, you’ll have a bountiful choice.

Another easy way to make a big impact is to line up bud vases of all colors and sizes and put your garden flowers in each one. Garden-to-table doesn’t always have to mean fruits and vegetables! 

If you have a small space and want to create a place to share meals or play wordle together, use a similar color palette as the room where you’re adding the dining table, but feel free to use different colored chairs. A thin, tall vase filled with cathedral greens or buds brings the eye upward, making the space appear bigger - and ever so charming!

  • Cheerful lemons add a whimsical touch
  • Garden to Table: bud vases bring the outside in
  • The perfect dining room for a smaller space