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MYTH: Keeping lash extensions dry will give them a longer life.

Every so often we hear a misconception from our clients that if their extensions never get wet, they will stay put. However, this is not actually true! 

It IS true that you should wait 24 hours to get the extensions wet after application. This is because the outer shell of the adhesive will dry within seconds, creating a safe eye environment. But it takes longer to fully cure - and water will break down the adhesive in those first 24 hours.

Let’s get into the science of eyelash adhesive.

All eyelash extension adhesive is categorized as a cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylates require moisture to cure. The adhesive draws the moisture from the air to cure and will form chains between the extension and the natural lash creating the bond. These bonds are encased by the outer shell that cures before you leave your appointment, and it takes about 24 hours for them to finish pulling the moisture from the air to fully cure.

But, wait - the adhesive requires moisture to cure. Why stay dry then?

Remember, at first only the outer shell has had time to cure. If the cyanoacrylate gets wet before the hardening process is complete in that 24-hour period, the bond will be compromised. So allowing excessive amounts of water onto the lashes before the adhesive has hardened will stop the chains from forming, leaving you with adhesive that is only as strong as the outer layer. At Deka Lash, we advise you baby them during this time.

What happens after 24 hours?

Your lash extensions are waterproof and tough! You do not have to worry at this point about getting them wet, as they have had plenty of time to cure. After 24 hours, we introduce cleansing into your daily routine. This is wildly important for eye health and eyelash retention. 

The most important thing for us at Deka Lash is maintaining your eye health. That starts with the eyelashes. Our natural eyelashes have the job of keeping dirt and debris from getting into our eyes. By attaching an extension, we have also just given the dirt and debris a bigger surface area on which to collect (with a side effect of making you look fabulous). 

But in all seriousness, it is so important to wash them nightly to remove buildup. We recommend our Deka Lash Cleanse to aid in the process, because water alone will not effectively clean off the buildup and oil. Daily cleansing will protect and extend the life of your lash extensions; more importantly, it will keep your eyes and natural lashes in optimal health.

Your cleansing routine should take about a minute a day, but it extends the life of your lashes significantly!

Watch this quick tutorial on how to cleanse properly with Deka Lash products.

My lash artist told me not to use oil-based products. Why?

Remember the chains we mentioned that are formed during the curing process? Well, when oil gets on them, the chains absorb the oil readily. This ultimately breaks down the adhesive. Think of it like taking a band off of braided hair. Once that hair tie goes, the braided strands slip apart. 

So, after 24 hours, water has zero effect on the hardened adhesive because it has utilized all the water it needs in order to become hardened. This is why they are considered waterproof after 24 hours - but your eyelash extensions are never oil proof.

But what if I have naturally oily skin? Should I not get eyelash extensions? 

No way! Those eyelashes look great on you, even if you have an oily complexion. Share information with your lash artist about your complexion and skin care routine. This will help them tailor and recommend an enhanced cleansing and care routine or additional products - like our Finish clear coat - to best help you maintain your lashes.

Good Rules to Follow

  1. Wait 24 hours after a lash appointment before starting the cleansing routine.
  2. After 24 hours, wash your lashes nightly
  3. Use gel-based moisturizers and eye creams
  4. Use talc powder after your eye cream to lock it in place so it won’t creep to the lash line

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