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Lucchese and Chris have an appreciation for being the best at what they do while embracing a timeless, Western lifestyle.

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Lucchese Bootmaker and renowned eight-time Grammy-Award-winning artist Chris Stapleton recently revealed their highly anticipated boot collection, an exquisite blend of artistry and craftsmanship.

This collaboration results from a five-year journey, born from mutual admiration and respect by Lucchese and Stapleton. Their shared love for the craft is evident in the story of dedication and passion that the Lucchese x Chris Stapleton collection tells. The project began taking shape in 2018 during the brainstorming phase but traces its origins back nearly a decade ago when Stapleton first visited Lucchese's factory in El Paso, Texas. Since then, his profound affection for Lucchese has been evident through his collection of vintage boots and the Lucchese shirts his band wore during their tours.

Both Lucchese and Stapleton share core values of ingenuity, creativity, and soul, making this collaboration a natural and seamless fit. Doug Kindy, the President of Lucchese Bootmaker, warmly welcomed Stapleton into the Lucchese family, saying, "If there was ever a relationship that was meant to be, Chris and Lucchese would be the one."  

Stapleton acknowledges the artistry in Lucchese's boots, describing them as refined works of art. He greatly appreciates the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating each pair.

The Lucchese x Chris Stapleton collection boasts three distinct boot styles, each available in two colorways, meticulously handcrafted in Texas. The Original style draws inspiration from Stapleton's first-ever design, which he conceived during his initial visit to the Lucchese factory. These Buffalo boots embody all-American authenticity, featuring a hand-corded moccasin toe that pays homage to Stapleton's creativity and Lucchese's commitment to superior craftsmanship.

The San Antonio style reflects Lucchese's vintage designs and features the brand's sought-after Black Cherry finish. These boots are made from brush-off Santini goat leather with a high-shine finish, showcasing historic Seville hand-cording detail inspired by the San Antonio factory.

Finally, the Old Friend style captures the essence of Western tradition with supple suede leather, a tribute to Stapleton's musical heroes and a nod to the timeless spirit of tradition. 

Stapleton is enthusiastic about sharing the Lucchese boots saying, "Lucchese boots are what cowboy boots are supposed to be. I can't wait for people to try them on and learn what I already know: when you put a pair of these on, you don't need anything else." 

Beyond the creative collaboration, the Lucchese x Chris Stapleton collection also embraces philanthropy. A portion of the proceeds from this partnership will be donated to Stapleton's charity, Outlaw State of Kind, amplifying the impact of this harmonious union between Lucchese and the multi-talented musician.

“I'm of the mind that everything can be refined to an art and that's what I love about
Lucchese boots — they've taken bootmaking and refined it to an art.” – Chris Stapleton

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