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If you have moved to a new place or are just in need of a change, what do you do to find a new salon ? 

I often tell my clients the best way to find a new salon is to book a “non-maintenance” service appointment, that means book a blow dry or a polish change or maybe an eyebrow wax, before moving on to a cut or a color or a nail or pedicure appointment or a facial. This way you get to go into the salon, feel the space and meet the people. You can have conversations with them about your look in general and see how they respond to you. If you feel comfortable, then you can move forward with booking another appointment on a later date for a maintenance service. Sometimes I suggest booking multiple of these trial appointments to see if the energy of both the space and the artist are consistent, you can try multiple salons out this way without having to wait as long or get services that you’re unhappy with and have lasting effects. 

Obviously referrals from friends or family in the area are always the best place to start but that’s not always possible. Seeing someone who you like their hair or nails or brows and saying “oh I love your hair, where do you go?” Is a great way to start too, and maybe make new friends, but everyone is different so that’s not always a sure win. 

Google is another great way to find new places, but remember that just because they show up first or the Internet says they’re the best doesn’t always mean that’s true or mean that they are the best for you. Sometimes the best people are busy giving their best to their clients and not posting it on the Internet, trust your instincts and know that you will find the right place eventually, hopefully sooner than later. 

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