Band T-Shirt Style

A Simple + Casual Look

Article by Terah Lake

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One of things I used to hate the most everyday was finding something to wear in my closet. Not that I didn’t have any clothes to wear; the problem was I got really bored with my day-to-day mom style.

So I ended up just throwing on a pair of gym leggings, comfy tee, and messy top knot every day and hoped I didn’t run into the same people every week! Sound familiar???

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One of the tricks about casual everyday dressing I learned that helped me out so much was that you don’t have to overdue it to feel like you actually put together a cohesive outfit.

I’m not a huge jewelry girl and wearing 8,000 accessories sometimes makes me feel very overwhelmed. Since I’m a busy mom with two small kids, I’ve got to keep my everyday outfits casual enough to go from the grocery store to basketball practice.

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So one of my all time fav go-to mom outfits is styling simple t-shirts with tennis shoes and adding a little bit of flare (insert obvious Office Space joke here!)

For this casual weekday look, I wore a simple band t-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans that were ankle length. A leopard print belt and super comfortable black sneakers completed this casual street style look. Of course layers are always great for those chilly happy hour spots too!

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