Biker Shorts For Every Body Type

This Trend is Here to Stay

Article by Bria Jones

Biker shorts are here to stay.

If you don’t believe me, check the stats and see that the trend has increased by 2,000 percent in the non-active apparel category and by 363 percent in the activewear category. I’ve been milking this trend hard, and I get numerous Instagram DM’s from people telling me they don’t think they can pull off this look.

I call horse poop.

I have seen every type of body in biker shorts, and the common denominator in whether they rock it or not is confidence. I’ve pulled several biker shorts that look good on various body types. I’m certain there is a pair below that will be perfect for you!

Denim Biker Shorts

There are no rules for how to style biker shorts. With denim you can easily style them up or down. I’ve worn denim bikers to date nights, Trader Joe’s runs, and even client meetings. It never fails that someone compliments my shorts and asks where I found them!

  • denim-biker-shorts-pretty-little-thing-300?v=1
  • white-raw-hem-denim-boyfriend-shorts-300?v=3
  • denim-biker-shorts-3-300?v=1

Left: These shorts from Pretty Little Thing are a new staple in my closet. This specific pair has stretch to it, so it ranks highly on the comfort scale. I also love that it accents the little curves I have with the high waisted design. I have styled it with heels and chunky sneakers and both look great

Middle: This white pair from Misguided has more of a boyfriend, loose fit. These are not as high-waisted, and make for a perfect casual look. Like the image below, you can style this with a baggy tee and fun sneaker.

Right: For my curvier girls, this pair is perfect. It has a nice stretch to it and works to conform to your curves. These sit higher on the waist line so you can bet they will accentuate your gorgeous figure. 

Biker Short Lounge Sets 

I’m already a fan of matching sets, but add biker shorts to the mix and now I’m hollering! This is a perfect way to make a casual look fashion friendly and still maintain comfort. Saturday morning errands, travel days at the airports, and walking the dog are just a few examples of where you can strut around in these cute pieces.

  • biker-short-lounge-1-300?v=1
  • biker-short-lounge-2-300?v=1
  • biker-short-lounge-3-300?v=1

Left: This set is perfect for the 'trying, but not trying too hard look.' This is the pricier option out of the bunch, but for the quality of the material it is a major steal. The set comes in some gorgeous colors so be sure to check this one out. 

Middle: A neutral option is always a great idea. The top is a cropped pullover and has an adjustable tie depending on how much skin you prefer to show. These piece can easily be mismatched with other items in your closet since they are such versatile options. 

Right: Neon is the move right now, people! Seriously, Google it! The fit of this bright pair is a bit looser than the other options listed and would even be comfortable enough to sleep in. 


Breaking News: Leggings are on their way out the door! We have Kanye and Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West to thank for this. Despite what you think of these two, they were one of the first public figures to normalize biker shorts and catapult them into the mainstream outside of Tour de France. Below you’ll find options that are great for working out specifically, but of course can pass as your outfit for the day.

  • athleisure-biker-shorts-1-300?v=1
  • athleisure-biker-shorts-2-300?v=1
  • athleisure-biker-shorts-3-300?v=1

Left: I love the mesh detail on these shorts. This is especially great for high intensity workouts that are going to leave you extra sweaty. 

Middle: PSA! Free People has $20 biker shorts in roughly 15 colors! If you are still on the fence about this trend, I strongly suggest you start with this purchase. The affordable price makes it a no pressure purchase to test out how you feel about biker shorts on your body. From here, you can evolve into investment pieces. 

Right: I have this exact same pair, but found it cheaper here for you guys. When I tell you this is a part of my summer uniform, I’m not joking. If you don’t believe me, at any given time ask to see what bottoms I’m wearing and you’ll see for yourself. 

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