Brighten Your Day with Brighter Clothes


Article by Stephanie Parenza

Photography by Stock Images

It's been a struggle getting motivated in all things life and especially in my wardrobe these last few days. The cold weather and gloominess of the winter has really brought me down. I have found that when the sun isn't shining, I tend to grab the darkest pieces from my closet which seems pretty counter-intuitive if you really think about it.

Since I naturally gravitate towards neutrals, I don’t have much color in my closet. I decided that needed to change and did some online shopping. As I was casually browsing the other day, I made an effort to look at colorful pieces. It’s quite amazing how this neutral girl suddenly became drawn to the color. I ended up with two beautiful bright sweaters that have brought me so much joy on those darker days.

I challenge you, whether new or already in your closet, to try color on the next gloomy day. I can almost guarantee that you will be happier and motivated to have the best day.

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