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The Hat Bar Experience

Carrie Bradshaw once professed, “I’ve always believed that a hat can change your day around. You can be having the worst hair day ever but put on a fabulous hat and suddenly everything feels different.” Not surprisingly the queen of style in Waconia agrees with the queen of style in New York. Eleece Pink, owner of The Stash of Waconia shares, “Hats have always been a staple in my wardrobe no matter the style.” Hats, especially felt hats in the fall, have steadily reclaimed their position as a style statement piece, and they’re definitely not just for sunny or snowy days anymore.

Eleece’s belief in the power of the hippest headdress for any occasion is so strong that a couple of years ago she began hosting her own hat bars. “After a girls’ trip to the Stockyards in Texas, I stumbled upon an adorable storefront where you picked your hat and adornments, then, at their actual bar, they’d put it together for you.” The girls each left with an original creation and a buzz from the experience. “I thought…I can do that!”  

“At our bar, we offer a variety of scarves, vintage pins, feathers, and so much more. Once pieces are chosen the customer watches me place, pin, and create their masterpiece!” Her customers often tell her that they don’t have an eye for what coordinates well, but she tells everyone to grab whatever calls their name and they always end up loving it. The unique experience Eleece offers isn’t just all about glamour and channeling your inner up-and-coming fashion designer, these events are fun! Plan a night with the girls sharing ideas and taking photos or pop into a hat bar that Eleece plans for the community and get creative with your neighbors.

Maybe you’re new to the hat game or perhaps you’ll need to find yet another place to hang your *just one more* hat. Call it a hat or call it a crown, at the royal hat bar, you’ll walk out with a chic accessory that you crafted. And you don’t even have to tip the bartender. 

Eleece Pink, owner of The Stash of Waconia, began her journey at the University of Northern Iowa where she studied everything from marketing to clothing patterning and design. This year she added Pink’s Hardware to her stylish plate and when she’s not welcoming customers in, she loves visiting wineries, hanging out at the lake, and exploring new boutiques and downtowns.

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